Sunday, August 13, 2006

I went and done it again......

I was ( am) notorious for embarassing my boys no matter how hard I try NOT to. Jerrell and I were blessed with two wonderful look alike sons, one looks like their pretty mama and the other looks more like his more pretty dad. They are as different as night and day, as most two sons are I reckon. Kev is the perfectionist in the family, which he got from neither me nor his dad. I found that out when he was around two years old and I served the little fellow a good breakfast of bacon, eggs and grits. I won't ever forget it. My second son was not born yet and the little one liked to sit on the floor in the den with his back to the wall and eat. Well this particular morning he starting having a screaming hissy fit. I had no idea what the trouble was, so I asked. Through all the sniffles and snorts and whines, he told me his bacon was broke. He had two slices and one was broke in two. Then that got me upset, wondering what kinda two year old youngun cares if his bacon is broke or not. I was later to find out why.

To reminsce just for a sec, two other times I embarrassed them that I am going to tell ya about. Oh there are hundreds but I dare not share them all. I would take the boys to school the back road. We lived in the county but paid "tuition", yeah paid so the boys could go to the city schools. At that time my husband taught school in the county system so now you know why he wanted them to go to city schools. Well on that backroad to school, all them younguns on that road rode the school bus to the county schools. There was this one little twit and I think a sister or two that was always a waitin on the bus when we went by. Well that little twit of a boy was bad to sit his little lunch bag, not no lunch box, right on the edge of the road and it seemed to me he would keep edging that little bag further out into the road. So I told the boys one morning that if that little twit had it in the road again, I was gonna run over it and shore nuf there it sat. We went right by that twit and his sisters and both my boys were looking over the back of the seat and Moo had made a hit. Needless to say, the boys were shocked, but as all stories go, it had a good ending. No more lunch bags were in the road no more. I will hold off on the second embarrassment cause I gotta get on with what I should have to started with.

Well today we were going to Charlotte to visit with Jeff, our youngest son, as planned. He is the one that looks like his dad, but is natured more like me. He and I like clothes whereas Kev and his dad could care whether they ever get anything new or not and if they do, either I had to buy it or now Kev's wife dresses him right fancy and all. I always buy Jerrell's clothes for what little good that does. He ain't like me, buddy I wear it as soon as I get the tags off, not Jerrell, they hang in the closet. As a matter of fact, we have found pants and shirts that I had even forgot buying. But that ain't the point today.

I hafta program myself to most anything that occurs outta my surroundings. So since we were going to Charlotte to visit and to go out to eat with Jeff, I was primed and ready to be nice, pretty and for heaven's sake on my good behavior! So I dressed pretty in my new white linen pants, my favorite top and my newest and best wearing llbeaner shoes that wear a heck of a site better than they look. With my leg and foot and age too, I intend to be comfortable whether I look just so so or not. I even put on make up, so I considered myself decked out, primed for nicety and we headed out. Enjoyed the ride over and Jeff was glad to see us.

Some things had changed since it had been a good year and a half since we had made that 30 mile trip. He had that shower curtain that Moo has just gotta have one like. The one I told ya about with the world on it. ALL the countries, Just a flat globe is what it is. So colorful, big letters , got the countries, capitals and oceans, the whole nine yards.
Also, he had a new big screener tv since he had let his girlfriend use his other one when hers went on the blink. We hung out a while and wanted to beat the church crowd, then we headed out to eat! The country comes to town, Jeff later said. :P~

Things that happen to me are NOT planned, they just seem to HAPPEN. We get to our destination and park.
We amble on in, Jeff was leading the pack and me and hubby stopped to look at the menu thingy and the brunch
sign thingy. Jeff was already at the register til I got there and I heard him order a cheeseburger, normally Jeff always gets a hamburger steak cause he just loves them! So in order to keep it simple and me not having a big appetite, I thought welp I will make it easy and just get me a hamburger. The little gal (dumb I find out later) asked me what would I like? I said a hamburger, all the way. She says to me, "what kind"? hmmm I said "what kind ya got?" She mumbled something not quite sure what, I saId," yeah, the round one". I thought that was dumb as all hamburgers are round. Welp then I heard Jeff sigh and blow and looked and he had his head hung. I done embarassed him, but she kindly confused me there by asking me what kind when I had just told her a hamburger all the way! So my husband ask if they are still serving breakfast and she said yeppers, so he orders hotcakes as they serve breakfast anytime. Hearing that, I told the dumb girl that I wanted to change my hamburger all the way to some bacon, eggs and grits. She dunning rung it up, so I asked her if she couldn't back it out, well that finished Jeff off, he hunched down on his elbows on the counter and I knowed I messed up yet again. BUT when we get to the table, Jeff told me when "she" asked him what he would like, he said a "plain cheeseburger" to which the dumb girl replies, what would you like on it. DUH.....Jeff says a hamburger patty and cheese! Also, Jeff told me he thought she said "regular" but it did sound like she said "round". Now how hard is it to take an order for a plain cheeseburger and a hamburger all the way. Now this won't Hamburger Joes or Sloopy John's Cafe. Jerrell told J, "son I am used to this, I just grin and bear it and be on my way".

We did get a good laugh out of it and you know the good part of the whole deal, was the food was outstanding. I told Jeff I wanted to go back there again, but we might hafta wait long enough and just maybe that dumb girl goes off to college or gets her a job at some other eating joint over there in Charlotte. He assured me he won't real embarrassed, but you know how them sons likes to please us mamas. His dad told him he was lucky, that if it had been Kev, his face woulda turned red and his neck splotched up with those red spots. He does that around me alot. Me and Kev have been known to lock horns, but J is too easy going and he is afterall, my baby.

So I gonna stay in all week and get over this trip. No wonder we didn't go back to Ohio this summer to see Kev and his family, he ain't got our visit from last year. Oh well, he will call tonight as is norm for every Sunday night at 8 pm and we always look forward to it. Cept last week, our little granddaughter called at 6 pm and said they were someone in PA on the way back to Ohio from Niagra Falls from picking up Grandpa....

So until I am able.........

God Bless!


Teresa said...

Oh I can really relate to stories about embarassing the kids. I've done it often, sometimes on purpose even. Usually not though. I always drove my kids to school and if they didn't tell me they loved me before they got out of the car, I would role down the window and shout "Momma loves you honey. Have a real good day!" That always made them mad and embarassed, but they were sure to tell me they loved me the next morning. TN said...

Claudia, I liked your blog today. Made me think of something that happened a long time ago..... I can remember my son embarrasing ME. He was four years old. I was buying him a new pair of shoes and the man was stooped down in the floor putting on his new shoes. My son looked at the man and said "My Mama's got on a wig". The man just cracked up.....but actually I DID have on a wig. It was in the 60's...when it seems that everybody had one. My son says he can still remember that ....and now he is 40.

Gattina said...

With my 6.6 ft long son I got all the time embarassed ! He not with me but me with him. I.e. at 2 yrs shouting through the supermarket : Mum why is this man black ? (he never had seen a black in his life) Or telling his teacher "your daddy is waiting for you" because she was married to a 20 years older man.
Etc. etc.
We also call each other on Sunday nights !

Alternati said...

Hey Moobear,

I love this post. Many moms wouldn't admit embarassing their children (mine won't, but I love her just the same). The tone of this post reminds me a lot of To Kill A Mockingbird.

Take care!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Oh mom, so you made your kid embarrassed! Imagine how that poor waitress's mother would feel knowing she asked what your son wanted on his plain cheesburger!!! geez already! She might be one of those that it's a good thing the Good Lord made breathing something we don't need to think about doing!! Thanks for the good laugh today!