Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just me today...

If I went t- totally on feelings folks, I just would not be here today, but since I want to be here, I am. I was pretty much happy with this now here weekend cause we had made plans to go visit with our son in Charlotte this Sunday. As a rule, Jeff usually comes home every two weeks and we sorta fell into a rut. After his divorce he moved into an apartment so he would not have to make the drive to and from Charlotte every day from Albemarle. He later found a really nice house in Mint Hill; so he bought it and then he had a place of his own. It's ok to have two homes, I sure wouldn't want it to be any other way. He has lived in his new house for 4 years and shamefully I tell you this, but as we were in that rut of him coming home every two weeks, we have only visited his new home I think about 4 times in those 4 years. I do know that it was this past Christmas a year ago since we have been. Oh yeah, I am hanging my head in shame. BUT we sorta have a reason. Ya see, some young men don't cook meals, they just have "make do's" so we always took Jeff out to eat when we visited with him. Welp as luck would have it, the restaurant that we so much enjoyed just flat out closed! Now Burger King ain't exactly our idea of a Sunday go to dinner kinda place, not that there is anything wrong with it.

So since they closed, we just ain't been as much. We told J to ride around and scope out some surely to be found eating joints in his area. He reported in that he had found one that he thought Dad could find something he would like ( he is a very quare eater) on their menu. So happy days are here again, I don't hafta cook no Sunday dinner tomorrow. I just relish on the very thought of it. It has been a long, long time overdue for Moo to get any Sunday off from cooking a bigger than normal dinner.

To top it off, I had planned for me and the hubby to have them left over unknown beans and stuffssss for supper. Hubby was fixin to go check on his mama and said," why don't we just go to the fish house tonight?" Now ain't I one lucky woman!, at least this weekend. No cooking for two days and I feel sure them leftovers can be leftover one more day and I will throw them on the table come Monday evening. I am one lucky Moo today! The other thing is, I ain't sure what I want to get. Do I get a combo, shrimp, deviled crab, or what? Ya'll know I don't like to make decisions, big or small... I think I just might get a child's plate of shrimp cause I just cannot eat all that much stuff on an adult plate.

I also got sumpin on my mind about blogging. I am new at this and I thought I knowed what blog rolling was, but after studying it a bit in my mind, I moogled it and found it ain't what I thought it was. I make my morning rounds like the doctors do with their patients in the hospital, cept I go round to the blogs to see my "patience", cause some ofem takes patience to read and sometimes figure what the heck they are talking about. I am gonna hafta weed some of them nonsense to me ones-- and those blogs that are for folks blessed with a wealth of brilliance and knowledge of which I know nothing of, nor do I want to at this point in my life.

I do like most all the ones that I chose for my what I thought was a blog roll. I kinda figure there is a term for what I do, maybe blog hopping or blog roaming. If there is a name, ya'll ole timer bloggers know, would you kindly let me know exactly what I am doing when I go from one blog to another. All help will be appreciated and registered into my "thank you" memory.

Since I have the weekend off, I have more computer time so I may just roam around and find some new blogs. The best ones I have found are from links on my favorites as they are usually good ones or they wouldn't have them linked on their blog, right?

I guess I best shut up and get me on some going out to eat clothes on. Don't think the hubby will take me as until tomorrow... take care, stay safe ....and

God Bless!


butterflies said...

Hi Moo...thankyou so much for the kind comments on my blog.I realy appreciate them.
We were in Greenboro Nth Carolina a few mths before we moved back here cos James brother is a dentist there.
You have a nice blog..oh I dont do the blog rolling thing..I just go to blogs of ppl that I know or who are linked to ppl I know:)

Gattina said...

So you are off cooking ? Nice, I have to admit since ages on sunday I just put the table. My "hubby" buys a grilled chicken on the market (very tasteful) and little fried potatoes and I add a salad or vegetables (already ready!) That had become a tradition. Now blogrolling I don't really know what it is, but I added addresses (yours too) and I don't know how it works. I always loved the unknown. My other blogs are mentioned on my writer cramp blog.