Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just a wonderful day...

Although the grass is wet, the sun is not shining, it is still a wonderful day. Seems like there is also less humidity with the lower temperatures as well. Now that I can like. Was a sheer joy to take little Roxy on what we call her "long walk". The shorter walk is determined by me and if my weak legs will hold up to make it all the way around my house on our return route.

It is so quiet now with my computer problem solved and fixed. I do know that I have many local readers of my blog and being the lady I am, I asked Jeff Pressly, owner of the computer place if he minded if I plugged his place on my family readable blog about an old disabled woman. He gave me the go ahead and asked that I email him the link to my blog. Jeff is owner of
Computer Visions here in Albemarle. Locally owned and operated with a superb staff of friendly and highly efficient professional folks. As I often do I shared a few yarns of mine with Rose the very helpful lady that waited on me and she in turn shared some of hers with me. The lady in the office chipped in too, so needless to say I had fun there as I do anywhere I go. Actually am looking forward to going back to pick up my flat panel monitor (spose to be today Jeff) .. :) I would highly recommend any local or nearby area folks with computer needs, they have it ALL at Computer Visions on 150 S. First St. right here in Albemarle. Very friendly, speedy and professional. What more can one ask for.

I hafta admit I overdid it yesterday. Yes alternati I did! :) I was pleased at my accomplishments, but was a tad leary when Jerrell found out what can be accomplished when there is no computer in the house. He did comment on the improvement in the cleaned areas and appreciated it as he does all the laundry and 90% of the housework. I cannot vacuum or go down to the basement where the washer and dryer is, so he does the laundry, vacuuming and the big time house cleaning.

I am subject to fall at any minute so after many falls, he preferred I didn't go down the basement steps. Would be a big pile to have to pick up on the landing down there. I didn't argue, if I need something from down there, I just ask him to retrieve it when I see him making a trip down.

Just took Roxy out in the front yard to pee pee and my ex-dog groomer stopped in the road and we chatted a bit. She thought little Roxy was precious, which she is. It is nice when folks don't get mad just cause you change groomers for one reason or another. She was on her way to pick up her sister and my neighbor to go pick beans. Roxy is slow so we were still there when they came back up the road and stopped and chatted again. I forgot to call my neighbor and wish her a happy birthday yesterday so I just sang Happy Birthday to her in the front yard. I think that tickled her more than if I had called yesterday, so that is a little worry I can now forget about. I always have good intentions, but most times I fail to follow through. Do ya'll do that?

It is so nice out, I think in a bit I will take Roxy on yet another long walk. I tend to take her more of course when it ain't so hot. This heat wave break has certainly been a blessing to me. Cept the dampness and "arthur" in my back and hips don't get along too well. I think I might need to go and play a bit with Roxy while I wait on the news conference in CA for John Karr. Dunno bout him, I am leaning toward he didn't commit this crime on little Jon Beney.
I think that he thinks that, he thinks he did it...

Until tomorrow......hopefully....

God Bless!


Teresa said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful day. The older I get, the more I seem to appreciate the good days. Maybe because there seem to be less of them. Any day is good if I don't have to call a repair man, take tylenol for an ache or pain, get a call from one of the kids concerning some sort of drama, or get a call about an elderly relative that is officially on his or her death bed. I guess a "good day" for me is a quiet day

Moobear said...

Hi teresa, so good to see you again. I agree with ya, each day is wonderful the older we get. Sure we have the good, the bad and the ugly days, but overall they ARE a day of our life and we need to enjoy it...We hafta push aside the aches and pains and cut off the tv for some quiet time too!
God Bless!

Clara....in TN said...

I'm having a good day too. I guess any day above ground is a good day!!!! I did some laundry and hung them outside. My next door neighbor called me and wanted to know if I had any canning jar lids. I did, so I took them across the road to her. She invited me to pick a mess of green beans from her garden...I did, and now they are on the stove cooking. Yummy!!!! About the tomatoes...They are not Better Boys. My brother-in-law- Johnny gave me the plants. His grandfather gave him the seed years ago. I guess they are heirloom tomatoes. He has kept them going for years. We call them "Johnny's Pinks" (The Best)
Other than that, I'm just here playing on the computer. I have a couple more picture to post of my bedroom, but it won't let me post for some reason. Maybe later.
Keep enjoying the day and I will type at ya later.

That Cleaning Lady said...

I can relate to enjoying every day. My parents both passed young (66 and 68) and left me alone in this world. Thankfully Jesus saw fit to bring Christopher into my life and my shining baby granddaughter Fay. We thank Him every day for our health and ability to love and share with others the grace of our lives.
And please tell Jerrel I think he's a good husband for being willing to do the laundry and vacuuming. What a great guy! You are sweet to sing to your neighbor and I hope she enjoyed it too!!
I think John Karr thinks he killed that little girl too, he just wanted a free trip back to the U.S. of A. Freak!! Of course there's always the very real probability that Mr. Bush is trying to find ways to keep our attention away from all the girls and boys that are getting killed over there so he can have all that Iraqi oil and the money it will generate for him and his oil buddies. (Have you seen the movie "Wag The Dog"?)
Oh, and hopefully you've found time to see that site about dehydration, www.watercure.com.
God Bless too!

Moobear said...

Thanks cleaninglady! I will pass on the message to Jerrell. He needs all the encouragement he can get. :) I am also glad you have Christopher and Fay in your life. Family is everything. I dunno about Karr for sure, but sumpin ain't just right there. We shall see and since I know nothing about politics, all I do is vote and not for the party of which I am registered, but for the person. So glad to have your visits and comments. I am enjoying your blog and glad we have met. God is good.
God Bless!

Gattina said...

Good morning ! Have my first cigarette + coffee with your blog and like to follow up your daily "adventures" Good for you having little Roxy he forces you to walk ! I am very lazy for that maybe I should take Arthur, he would like that ! We also have a sad story about kids here. A pedophile who killed two little girls, 8 and 10. He raped the 10 year old. He denies but all DNA analyses proove that he is guilty.
All these men should be castrated !