Thursday, August 24, 2006

After is today...

I think after two days of having this flat panel, I can give ya a fair Moobear assessment of it or at least mine. Since my pc is a Dell I chose to buy a Dell when I saw that the computer hospital had a Dell franchise and sells and services them for Dell. The one on display got my attention. Days later of course they were sold out as is so common in my life. Always a day late and a dollar short. Rose said they were selling faster than they could get them in, but they had ordered 4 of them that did not go with the systems.
Oh my opinion of it... I find it has amazing clarity, much better than I had anticipated and I can stay on it for my usual hour or two playing solitaire at pogo and my eyes are not blurry when I get off. Now that I really like. Guess cause it ain't got no glare. And of course the size, unreal how little space it requires vs the bulk of my previous monitor. So, I highly recommend them for anyone with the need or desire of one.

Jerrell and I are finding it hard to believe that it is already time for another round of American Idol. That is not normally something either he nor I would normally invest our much valued time on. Tryouts are to be in Charlotte this Saturday. Last year they were held in Greensboro. Also, they are limiting tryouts to only 22 counties and no outsiders as they had to turn away so many folks last year.

We rode the American Idol rollercoaster from start til finish last year, looking forward to each week's show. I sat with my cell phone on hand for the second I could call in and vote.
We would wonder why we watched it ourselves, if we had not had an "investment" in it.
The plain ole country girl, Kellie Pickler, was raised just two miles from our house. So naturally the city and county went ALL Kellie Pickler to a much deserving little country girl. She represented us well and we are quite proud of'er. So we played our part in it too.

It remains to be seen whether we choose to ride that roller coaster again this year. After each show my anxiety level was maxed out and I could not stop idling long enough to get to sleep. Do I really want to torture myself again this year, I really, really think not.
As grammie is waiting for Buddah, she too had an investment in Taylor Hicks. He is from her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Now I liked Taylor too, so grammie beat me out there with Taylor getting the home run. I hafta admit, I too was a pulling for Taylor after Kellie got poofed out.

As I have mentioned before my little Roxy is overly amazed with anything in the air, she loves birds, butterflies and even airplanes. On her first trip out this morning, she did something totally different. She stopped and looked at the large tree in the yard next door, her little head up high and just scanning around, checking "up there" out and I thought of so much I have learned from her, to appreciate the wind, the critters she likes, the birds and even the annoying planes flying over from the nearby National Gurard Unit. She was 9 months old when we got her and she was housed with a cat. So, yesterday she got all excited when she saw our neighbor's cat, always the same, trying her best to get to it with her tail in full wiggle. So I had a thought, I picked her up and carried her up closer to the cat and that cat was pretty. ALL black cept for little white feets and the prettiest green eyes and a hot pink collar. I knew Roxy wouldn't hurt the cat, but won't sure the cat wouldn't hurt Roxy so a safe distance I stayed. I never been around cats so don't know how to take them. I do remember fore my mama died, mama and my brother were heading home one night and we was little fellers and there in the road was two little black kitties and mama stopped that ole 52 Ford and got them kittens. We named them Pete and Repeat. To my knowledge that is the only cats that have been in my life.

I gotta get so I can get pretty to go to the beauty shop. I told Jerrell I would be pretty when he got home today. And I shall not tell a lie....Until.....

God Bless!


Teresa said...

I got caught up in American Idol last year too. I had not watched it in the past, so I can't compare it to previous years. I thought it was pretty good, but Paula A. seemed a bit drunk or spacy or just strange at times. My favorite was Taylor Hicks, so I was happy with the outcome.

That Cleaning Lady said...

Well, I'm a western girl, so didn't think much of little Kelly, thought she was way too backwoods for the real world out there. As for Taylor, sorry too, I think he's a karioke lounge act with zero talent. No, I'd do no better at all, but I'm not trying out either. I was so certain that Chris Dautery would win that when he got voted off, I quit watching.
As for cats, I had an experience today, had to give Benjamin a bath. He is the wild kitty that moved in a couple winters ago. He's since become domesti-kitty, and thankfully didn't hurt me while I was putting him in the sink. He sure didn't like it at all, but he never tried to hurt me at all. Even let me bundle him in a towel to dry him, but wouldn't put up with brushing and I haven't seen him again all day. Probably going out there to roll in that stinky stuff again just to show me who'se boss!!!
Glad you like your flat screen, we have one too, the clarity is very nice and the lightweightedness is great too, will make you and Jerrell happy that you can move it and clean up those dusty bunnies.
I'm certain you're very pretty even with your hair in curlers and your housecoat on!! What do men know? =-)

Gattina said...

Of course *I* don't know that, but if you have been on a roller coaster then I really fall off my chair ! I tried it once and never again ! I were green when I stepped out.
Concerning little Roxy I am sure he wants to sniff and play with the cat, the only problem is, they don't have the same language. A dog waggeling his tail means he wants to be friendly, a cat would understand he wants to attack her as they waggle when they are angry ! Big animal problem ! Is there any interpretor for that ?

Moobear said...

LOL Jana, well I sound pretty much like Kellie, as a matter of fact one of my commenters said they felt like they were talking to Kellie from reading my blog. Yeah ole Chris was good! He just bought him a nice new house, only $694,000 so he didn't do too bad for himself. :) Thanks for the visit and the comment.

My friend Ingrid, I didn't know cats interpeted the wiggle as a threat.She wiggles hers most all the time and she was raised with a cat. She was 9 months old when we got her. :) AND like you, I rode ThunderRoad at Carowinds one time and there ain't now way in this old world that I would ever get back on no roller coaster!! The cat was there again today, but Roxy didn't see her and I wasn't about to tell her.. lol....thanks friend!
God Bless!