Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why I am here blogging...

After reading the blog of my friend Ingrid, it made me think of how I came about blogging. I had been a faithful reader of MyThoughts for well over a year and that was the only blog I had ever read or bothered to read at that time. One day I had clicked on her profile to get her email address as she and I had emailed from time to time. I needed to ask her something about LL Bean as she orders from there too. I saw the create blog thingy and I clicked on it, simply followed the instructions out of curosity and the further I went along the more I noticed I had to make some choices and then I began to actually think, "do I really want to have a blog" wondering what could I possibly write about that anybody could possibly care to hear. I thought I would do it for myself. I have anxiety which creates stress and I actually thought it might be theraputic for me.

So I continued and chose a template which happened to be like Sallys, the lady whose blog I read. First, I love blue, second, I like something simple, not with do dads all around it. Plain, just like me suited my fancy to the tee. I was
amazed that I had no problem getting a picture on my page, knew enough about html from many years of mIRC and I had my blog set up.

That is when it hit me, now I gotta write something. The idea was for it to be called My Day, but apparently I put Claudia's Place somewhere that I should have put My Day, but for me I wouldn't turn my hand for the difference.
I was a bit cited over the fact that I had a blog site set up and was even more cited when I sat down to do my very first post. I found it was so easy as I never know when to shut up when talking and blogging ain't a whole lot different.
I wondered if it mattered if it interested folks or not, but not really caring, just was going to be myself in blogging as I am in life. I had to think, what do I have to offer? Being totally new to blogs, having only Sallys as an example, I dithered with should I keep it short or make it as lengthy as I wanted it. I decided I would go with whatever was leading me at the time, therefore some of my blogs are short ones and some are long ones. The "I gotta be me" post is just the way I feel about my blog.

It is so important I think that any blogger be themselves. Don't try to write like Tom, DIck or Harry. That makes the wonder of it all, the aspects and views of each individual and makes us wonder what makes them tick. If you get away from yourself, it will show in your blog. This I might add, I have noted in my many blog readings from here to yonder. Sorta like Dragnet, "Stick to the facts ma'm". I also found that if it took much sense, a gift of writing or a hidden talent, then I was flat left out! So starting out being myself and sharing mostly with things that happen in my life is what I did. It is either the company I keep or me, but weird and strange things always seem to find me and happen to me. So, when it does, then I can write about it, or that is the way I see it.

Granted on those more frequent than not bad days, I either blog and would have been better off not to have or I choose to just not blog at all. It does show in my blogs when I should have stayed in the bed or at least not touched the computer that day.

I am thankful that I needed to email Sally on that particular day and that I noticed the create blog link because as I had thought, it is theraputic and as I have said, "I get far more out of it, than I ever put into it". That makes blogging one of the best choices I have made in a long while.. .And I cannot forget the friends I have made in Blogsville. One cannot ever have too many friends and I am thankful for all my computer friends as I share a bit of my life with them and in return they do the same. I am sure there are blogs that are not family oriented, as the use and endless possibilities that the internet has to offer has been severely abused by many. I chose to be here and I choose to be myself. Having said that. I am outta here for the day for my little Roxy just had her lunch and is napping and soon her long walk is coming up. So until.......

God Bless!


Gattina said...

It would be nice if everybody put down the reason why they started a blog ! This morning I found a guy who apparently had insulted his ex girlfriend on a blog and wondered that she didn't agree with that and he asked about "freedom of speach in You should read that ! and his blog is more secured than Sing Sing ! There is no "comment" (freedom of speach) and to sign the guestbook you almost need a certificate from FBI that you are NOT a terrorist ! TN said...

You know, I can't remember who it was that inspired me to start a blog. When I told my daughter, I remember she said, "I can't believe my Mom has a blog". But if you notice, when I started it in July of 2005, I did not post any more until a year later. I just kinda forgot about it after that first post, and then someone else inspired me and I started posting again. Now I love it. If I miss a day, I feel the same way as I feel if I don't look in the snail mail box. I love the communication with people. I'm not fancy with words and don't really want to be. I just want to be myself and maybe share a little bit of the joy I have in life. Thanks Claudia, for your blog. You are an inspiration to me.

Moobear said...

hi to my fearful faithful, I think it would be neat if we knew what inspired each bloggers reason for their blogs. About all I can say for a fact IS that is much better than message boards.
Ingrid, I replied to the dude at the review site too. Since he intentionally did it, he was wrong. Otherwise a blog is ours and maybe at times, the truth does hurt.
clara, since I was not bloggin during your year absence, I don't have to get mad!!! I am thankful you picked it back up, as it means alot to me to read it friend! Thanks to you both for your time and caring thoughts.
God Bless!