Monday, August 21, 2006

Yeppers, I am back already...

Had to rest up some! I tell ya, I found out today that a day without a computer can create a day full of work. I took my computer to the hospital a little after 9:00 this morning. I came home and found I had nothing to do. Well nothing that I am accustomed to doing.

So I decided first I would clean off this computer desk and got the BIG rag cause it was not just dusty, but when I pulled the monitor out, it had years of I have no idea what under and around it. Shamefully I say, it was just plain nasty!! Since I had an under the monitor surge protector, as well as a strip one on the floor under the desk, I am dog gone well protected! I decided to move it over to a table side my desk and tidy up a bit. Welp that turned into a job of which turned into plain ole work. Well I worked on and around the computer room all morning. With a red face and sweaty head. I seem to only sweat there, no idea why, hot brain, maybe?

Anyway, I made certain I stopped at 11:30 so I could cool of for 30 minutes fore I fixed me and Roxy some lunch. I did that, chugging on a Seven Up that I had been craving as it has been years since I have had one, so Jerrell had picked me up a Seven Up and a Dr. Pepper, of which I had not had in years either. Since my stomach is messed up, I am watching what I put in it, even losing some weight. Thank you Lord. So along with the Seven Up, I popped me a Goody powder and that helps my aches and aided in my cooling off too.

I fixed me and little Roxy some lunch. I fixed me a Hot Pocket pepperoni pizza.(I have gotten hooked on them, tryem)
and I fixed little Roxy a dinner for a dog to die for. We are cutting her back as she is fat too. I only gave her a half slice of luncheon meat, sprinkled some shredded cheese over it, cause she loves cheese and put her some lettuce bits all around the plate. She likes it a tad better with a some salt. She had a good looking plate and the little sugarbugger ate every bite and pushed that paper plate all over the kitchen floor til she had it ALL gone.

Well I got my second wind and started cleaning the bathroom and remembered I hadn't called my beach bum friend yet that I promised I would, so I did. While talking to her my cell phone rang and I put'er on hold and got the cell call.
It was the computer place telling me that noise was coming from that floppy disk thingy and he asked if I used it. I have never and do not intend to, so he said, he had checked it all out, the Anti-Virus was up to date and he had cleaned the remainder of the dust bunnies out and it was ready to pick up and it was only 2:00. BUT.... the UPS truck with the Dell flat panels wouldn't be in til round 3:00 so I said I welp I'll just wait til bout 3 to go get it.

In that hour, I got the bathroom cleaned. I hafta mop sitting down so I scrubbed and crawled and got that done. Had some time to tidy the rest of the bathroom fore I lit out to the hospital.

Get up there, computer is brought out and they want me to see how quiet it is and all and bless pat Rose, the lady working there, said "whoa did you see that"? -Nope. -Well it was a look like brown recluse spider cause she had been bitten with one before so she goes and gets a man and a can! She ain't got a good aim on it, so I tolder to gimme the can. I shot that spider slap off the cord, down to the carpet and puddled him good again. The guy said I think you got him!

So I paid them up, they loaded it up and I got home, hurried in the house to get supper started for the hubby. Thank goodness again for leftovers... We ate, I cleaned the kitchen and here I am. I was to say the least thrilled it was not the hard drive and of course it didn't hurt the pocketbook nearly as bad. Well, cept for the flat panel --I went ahead and paid for it and will pick it up tomorrow.

Not sure if I could have survived two or three days more without it, cause a lot of other areas in my house needs some attention to and I just might have overdone it and that would just never do. I got more, but I will halt for now.
So I am glad I really wasn't gone long at all..... until.....

God Bless!

6 comments: TN said...

Oh that was quick!!!! I'm also glad it wasn't the H/D. Doing without a computer is like doing without a car....we don't know how much we miss them things "til they are gone! Glad you're back so soon!!!!!

Moobear said...

Thank ya clara, shore glad to be back and came out in fairly good shape. Yep,you get used to something, it is hard to do without. Thanks for the visit and comment clara. Take care friend.
God Bless!

Gattina said...

He, he computers are a good excuse for forgetting the household musts ! I suddenly had no internet connection anymore yesterday and were turning around like a lion in his cage, while husband tried to fix it (swearing)

That Cleaning Lady said...

Good it's only the floppy disc, if you don't use it, it's good the repair people can just remove it and no more noise!!!
I'm glad too that you're such a dead-eye with the spray can and got the fiddle-back spider. We have black widow's out here in the West! I'm thankful my kitty Shadow is a spider hunter, she never misses and isn't nearly as smelly... well mostly.

Alternati said...

hiyee Moobear! great to hear your computers ok already. I absolutely go berserk when something's wrong with mine.

A friend of mine once told me that Life is what happens when your computer is at the repair shop. In our case, cleaning is what happens during that time. I did a total room redecoration when my laptop needed to be reformatted.

Roxy is such a sweetheart!

BTW, the shop should've given you a discount for gettin that Spider! hehehe

Moobear said...

Thank you ingrid, thatcleaninglady and alternati and I too was glad it won't the h/d!! I have to be honest, I do stay on the computer more maybe than I should, but so far I ain't had no serious complaining about it. Actually it was his idea for me to go on and get it fixed and was pleased I got it back the same day. Men never cease to amaze me!!
Appreciate all of you good folks!
nice to have thatcleaninglady joining in and sharing her life with us!
God Bless!