Friday, August 04, 2006

I thought I enjoyed blogging until...

I found out that there is lots more to blogging than coming here each day and throwing out my ponderous thoughts and kinks for all the world to see! There is part of blogging even more fun than clicking these keys that I am doing right now.

Better yet is reading the other folks blogs! I have found I spend most of my time doing just that.
I returned to a blog last night and what made that more unusual, was it was way past my shut down time for the pc. I found myself once again at a blog that to me is my kinda blogging and my kinda bloggee. As you all know by now, I live to love and laugh to live. Welp last night I had a few too many laughs for the time of night. I cannot just jump in the bed and go to sleep anymore.
So with all the laughter, my anxiety kicks in and there I sit by myself as hubby has retired for the night. I am still giggling and trying to read, of all things- comments written in one of my old college annuals and calm down or at least alleviate some of the anxiety so I can prepare for my attempt of sleeping for the night. It just wasn't the night, so as is becoming a nightly occurance now, I lay in the bed a bit, ease out and hit the kitchen; grab my pepsi and cigarettes and sit on my "thinking stool". Now I ain't a blamin no one or anything for me not sleeping. I actually am convincing myself now, that it is just becoming a habit. A git up and think habit.

I wanna share a blog with ya'll good folks and let you see what a good blog looks like and better yet, what a good blog reads like. I found this blog in a "I have no idea way". But thank the good Lord I did find it. I checked in to see if
Sassy Sistah had posted her blog yet as I think she still works during the day. To my good luck, she had and so began my reading and my laughing. I am one of those laughers that when I get so tickled I get to snortin. Welp I ended up reading every post on the blog and I don't know a thing bout snortin coke but I had snorted enough laughs I was wired tight as Dick's hatband and I ain't never heard of coke a doing that. I even had to take a few breaks, my ribs gets to hurtin. After I finished reading ALL of Sistah's blog, I kept hunting for some more, but remembered she had just recently started back. I also remember her mentioning having had a site back in '96. Although it was a couple years fore my owning a computer, I just couldn't help but get mad thinking about what ALL I missed and felt totally left out. Ain't her fault, just one of my many misfortunes in life.

So if you folks want to meet the nicest sistah in the world, btw, I never had one, you will find her at her blog up yonder in one of them paragraphs. I assure you that you will enjoy it- as she tells it like it is -and no holes barred. :)
I live my life the way sistah tells about it, reckon that is why it struck my fancy so much.

There are many more blogs I read daily and some I have linked here. I assure you as soon as time permits Sassy Sistah will have her link listed here too! The world needs love and it certainly needs laughter. We have enough serious things going on all around us, even in our small towns and probably on our very own streets, so folks needs an outlet and I just personally happen to be a happy person and nothing I enjoy better than good ole fun and laffs.

I love to read about others lives and how they handle their every day life to life happenings. Some may share their pets with us, some recipes and some like me, just a little BS that no one really gives a flip about anyways.

So as one pro blogger told me when I first started blogging. "After you get through telling the true things that happen in your life, then you hafta start lying and stealing something to write about". A little of that is true.....but I won't raised to steal and lie, but I always seemed to be surrounded by lots of love and BS.

So until.....

God Bless!


Grammie said...

I continue to enjoy reading your blog.....I love your down-home flavor and authenticity! Take care, Grammie

Moobear said...

Thank you much grammy and welcome home! Glad you got all rested up and I know you are really getting excited over the baby. Thank you for the visit and the comment.
God Bless!

Teresa said...

I came by to thank your for the kind comment you left on my site. I won't be blogging myself anymore, but I will continue to read 3 blogs. Yours and Sassy Sistah's are 2 of the ones I will be reading. I enjoy reading about real people who aren't trying to be clever or one up the rest of the bloggers. I may not comment much in the near future, but I will be reading. Thanks. TN said...

The Blogging world doesn't like me. I posted a comment yesterday about your Mother-in-Law and it didn't go through! Let's see if this one does.

Moobear said...

hi teresa and clara,
thanks for dropping in and teresa I can certainly understand your reasons for not blogging. I will miss you, but glad to know you will be lurkin in the shadows my friend.
And to clara, hon, I think all commenters were problemed yesterday. I had to go back to one site and re comment and of course the second one ain't never as good as the first one was. :)
Miss your blogs. Sumpin happened to yours yesterday or my pc, cause I cannot view yesterday's post. :(
Both of you friends take care.
God Bless!

Moobear said...

Thanks grammy! I am pretty much as down to earth as they come. I never really grew up, like to keep it simple. Makes it easier on me, but not always on others.... :)
you take good care too!
God Bless!

lovesjazzlovescoffee said...

HI MooBear!!!

I commented yesterday too and it didn't show...let's see if this one will!!

Hope you're feeling better!!!