Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dogs just don't know it is HOT-------

My dog is spoiled! I let her tell me what to do. I really thought taking her on her usual morning walk around 10 this morning would last her until her usual 2 or 2:30 walk. BUT....not today. As you folks know, dogs do talk. They have a sound or bark meaning different things and after time you learn to tell which ends up. She started on me a little before noon and I sorta tried ignoring her and just about that time my hubby called again from work to check on me as I was not up to snuff when he called early this morning. Assuring him I was still kicking, I also told him I had shortened Roxy's first walk this morning. Although I think I am in good shape for the shape I'm in.....
According to news, today is suppose to be our hottest day so far this year. With this in mind and my feelings in there too, I decided both would be short walks today. After hanging up with hubby, Roxy again started and sure nuf she was wanting to go walk, so out the door we went, met with just hot mug, no air at all. We made it back ok and it reminded me that those oxygen folks still have not gotten in touch with me. My doctor wanted my oxygen level checked since I am long overdue for oxygen because I refused it two years ago. As long as I can go with just the inhaler, so I will go.

Roxy knows mama's walks are shorter than dads. Dad takes her on trails in the woods and across the "big road" and mama just ain't up to that kinda walking. She often times comes home after a walk with dad with little balls in her fur. They are a chore to get them out and I have offered my dislike of letting her go into bushes with her dad- to her dad,- to no avail. We seriously debated on getting another dog when we lost Scooter last year. With my health and needing to take them out in the cold of winter at all times of the day and night, we were hesitant. Without Scooter I was home alone during the day and it was oh so lonesome- so when I found Roxy on the internet, I was in Charlotte the next morning. I bought her, brought her home and neither of us have looked back or regretted the fast decision. She was real dumb when we first got her. I was worried, but as she grew and we bonded, almost overnight she became the smartest little whipper snapper. She is now quite normal. Real smart IMO, cause I said the next dog , if I ever got one ;I would conquer it vs it conquering me.... ha ha ha------ nutin new, I am always wrong!

Roxy and I are alot alike. We are both used to routines. So at least she and I are on the same page. I know many of you folks are cat folks and that is wonderful too. My friend in Belgium loves her cats. You need to check her site out. It is linked on my site but I will link it here and let you folks check out and compare dog lovers to cat lovers. My friend and I are the same age and have lots in common. Visit my friend at MY CATS AND FUNNY STORIES , she would be delighted to have you and she is such a nice lady and friend. I wouldn't turn my hand for the difference in the lovers of cats and dogs. I just cannot have both!


God Bless!


Horatio Pepperwell said...

moobear- i like your sense of humor- you are a wise writer. thanx for your comment on my blog- i appreciate you giving your opinion. i just want to say, though, that the foul language does seem necessary to me- because that's the nature of the character i'm dealing with. he inhabits a harsh and unnatural world of elections, and as i envision him, those words would be used in his thought process. anyways, thank you and sorry for taking up your space with talk about me.

Moobear said...

No Problem HP, I am always delighted to hear from you.
Assuming I can---- I will
read your blog and blog out
the "uggie" words. Guessing
it will still make sense.:)
Thanks for being "you" HP and
I am glad our paths crossed.
God Bless!

Teresa said...

I just ran across your blog...I think from your comment on Sassy Sistah...and I love to read about people's pets. I have 5 dogs and they rule the roost. How I got 5 is still a mystery to me, but folks seem to keep tossing puppies out near my driveway. Roxy is a cutie!

Sassy Sistah said...

Hey, Claudia! So glad you stopped by and left a comment on my blog - so that I coud find YOUR blog! I've got you bookmarked and will be back often! I love your writing already!

Gattina said...

Very nice picture of you and Roxy ! He is a very cute dog and reminds me of the dog of my american aunt. Thanks very much to recommend me to your friends, but I am not living in Brezil (I wish I would and then dancing half naked through Rio at Carnival) I live in BELGIUM Europe, where it's always rainy. I admit Belgium is just half a dot on the world map (only 10 millions of population) xxx

Moobear said...

Since the spam mam hit me, I had to change my comments...A Shame...If an anonymous wants to comment, just click the ole email button and I will put your comment in for ya. This is my second comment, my curosity is up as to whether it will take or if possible they just both my take at a later time.
At any rate, teresa and sistah I wanted to thank you for your comments and also for your sites that I so much enjoy! To Gattina, hon I knew you were from Belgium, but somehow I had one of those brain farts and put Brazil. It has been corrected and my apologies have been emailed to you. Thank you all for your help, I need all I can get. Again, thank you good folks! Makes my bloggin a whole lots more fun!
God Bless!