Wednesday, November 15, 2006

here today, gone tomorrow...

I am probably no different from you folks when it comes to reading blogs. I read many different blogs as far as number of blogs I read and they are all miscellaneous in subjects. I find it amazing to read how so many people live and react to given situations and circumstances. That is life though, no two lives are the same and as with blogs, they show that person's personality, some impressive and some just down right depressing, yet they are real people with real problems and real needs. I read many blogs that personally I would not ever let such personal or a lack of common sense be put into print.

Nonetheless, I meander around the blogs and see just how complicated some folks are and most of the times, they are the way they want their lives to be or just too sorry to make changes or have just lost their way through life and have absolutely nothing to offer to the human race and bloggers in particular. It is for those I have much sympathy.

I feel blessed to have my small group of blogging friends who I know to be real, honest and good to the bone folks. I never gave a thought to who if any would read my blog as like I have told you, I only read one blog for over a year before ever thinking about clicking on that create your blog link. I still do not know what I was thinking that morning, if at all!

My writing takes no talent as it is just whatever happens to be happening in my life on a particular day. I do not have a talent for anything, therefore I am delighted to have one reader a day. As with all bloggers I do have my days that I draw a blank, usually on days that I just do not feel like doing anything around the house and do not feel like trying to think as I hafta do when I post to my blog. My life is not filled with adventure as I mostly stay right here in this house cept for walking Roxy and have some friends drop by. But that's ok, cause frankly I kinda got used to it. Wish I could do physical things, but since I can't, I really see no need in worrying about something I cannot do nutin about.

I just gotta phone call from a friend I used to work with so I will be having company in a little while. Always nice to sit and chat with friends, now I need to put on another pot of coffee as that is a must for me and most all my friends likes a good cup too as we chat. My neighbor Pearlie will find out today when she will be having her gallbladder surgery as she gets the bloodwork done today. Please keep remembering Pearlie in your prayers. I am so glad to have her home and see her outside when I am walking Roxy and get to chit chat with her often. I love all my friends and never like for the them to be sick, but life ain't a bowl of cherries neither.

I did not post yesterday. It just was not a good day, as I had to call the doctor and get some additional medicine for my ulcer and something to help me sleep. Lack of sleep has gotten to the point that my body is just not up to snuff without enough sleep, so good folks if one day I don't post, most likely I am just not feeling well, not to say that I am bad sick. I am amazed as some of my blogs on my list of readings are really sick, sick folks and they like me are not able to post everyday due to their health, therefore I can relate to those folks and look forward to getting a fresh post from them. I do spend a lot of time reading others blogs as many are like a soap opera and I hafta keep up so I can fill P in so as she don't get in a dither . :) I sure did miss her while she was at the beach. I called her on her cell phone and she couldn't get to it fast enough so I had to leave her a message. She got about 3 upcoming trips, but I think they are only day trips. Right now she is busy fighting her leaves on a daily basis. She must get them blown daily! She is one more working woman. It is always busy for her during the holidays as she likes to bake and fix all kinda goodies for her family and even shares with her old friend Moo and many others. P don't miss nutin! Friends are wonderful!

Gotta run, hope ya'll have a great day!

God Bless!

6 comments: TN said...

I thought about you yesterday and said to she's not feeling I turned on the patient side of me....I knew you would be back when you felt like it. Glad to see your post today my friend!

Moobear said...

Thank you so much Clara. Yeppers you were right, we have days like that, don't we? Good to hear from you friend. Hope you and Bill are doing well. Take good care and thanks for stopping by Clara.

God Bless!

Grammie said...

Hi Claudia....I am so glad to be able to read my favorite blogs again now that I am home. I had to fly through some awful storms today....pretty bumpy I was happy to land back in Bham!

Don't worry about missing a day or two of blogging....we all understand!!!
Take care...

dot said...

Hi Claudia, I've been seeing you at Clara's place and decided I ought to visit. We are close in age and probably have other things in common. I have episodes of not sleeping well but sounds like it might be much worse for you. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Moobear said...

Welcome Home Grammie! and Hello dot!
So good to have you back with us grammie, I know you hadda good time and I love the pictures from the airplane, haven't had time to comment yet, but will.
Dot, it is so nice to meet ya. I have seen you over at Claras and I will just hafta come see you as well. Thanks much for stopping by and I see we do have lots in common. Ain't it funny how us "older" folks do seem to have lots in common. :)
Thanks to you both!

God Bless!

Ordinary Janet said...

Hi Claudia! I don't have enough time to read as many blogs as I'd like to every day, but I try to get to everyone at least twice a week. I've noticed that lately people seem busier, maybe it's the upcoming holidays. Then there are the people who have to rake their leaves (me included) and I was so wiped out from the fresh air and unaccustomed physical exertion that I've been posting stuff I've saved as drafts. ;-)

I agree with you about some blogs that just don't give me plesure to read. It takes all kinds to make a world and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt but just as you might not be friends with people you meet in the neighborhood, you can't be friends with every blogger out there. :-)