Wednesday, November 01, 2006

a glimpse of yesterday...

I am totally new at posting more than one picture and also I am using a new site, so please hang on, it won't get much worse!

We arrived home from the dentist yesterday to find a little punkin on our porch and pineapple upside down cake, so I knew immediately that Stephanie had stopped by. Doggone it, we had missed her. I was disappointed as Jerrell has not yet seen Caroline. I noticed two calls on the answering machine and one was Steph. I immediately called her and apparently we hadda bad connection, but I heard her say I am at your driveway now. I looked and she was turning in.

I go outside and reach for Caroline and she actually came to Moo without much hesitation. I hurried into the house with this armful to show her off to Jerrell. Poor fellow was frying himself some sausage cause I was still all numbed up from the dentist and he was starving. He finally got to see Caroline who was a little tiger yesterday. Of course only in her little suit. Steph also had her face with whiskers all over it and she was sweeter than that pineapple upside down cake. We enjoyed so much our always too brief visits, but Jerrell did get to hold her and like me just thought she was the prettiest thing he had ever seen too! Later we talked and he could now relate to what I would tell him about how sweet and pretty she was. Also the fact that she just loves Roxy and Roxy cannot give her enough sugar. It hadn't changed a bit from last time. All Roxy and Caroline were interested in- was each other. Forget mommie, me and Jerrell, she was on the hunt for Roxy.

Stephanie went to her car and got her camera so she could take a few pictures. She made one of Roxy just so Janet could see what Roxy looks like now :) and I will post it later. Today I share these two pictures, the top one of course is Moo and Caroline while I was trying to hoist that youngun up on my hip when Steph snapped and the bottom one is her Grandma Alice and Grandpa Walt. They are such wonderful folks and as you can see they just adore little Caroline. I have a special picture of Caroline and her dogs that I will share later. It is one of my favorites and happened to be one of Steph's too, so she had a 11 x 14 made of it and Caroline is fascinated with it sitting on the sofa so Steph has not been able to hang it yet.

Needless to say we so much enjoyed the visit with both of them. As I always say, I am looking forward to the next visit already!

Just as I said would happen, Jerrell was called back first at the dentist and then shortly I was called. My dentist had finally completed the plan he had been talking to me about as far as my teeth makeover goes. Welp you know how it goes, he starts with the Lexus, then the Chevy and down to the Focus. Welp, I felt like with the cost that I might as well be purchasing a vehicle. I was reclined in that chair in mid shock. I much rather call them Plan A, B and C. Moo chose the C plan which ain't exactly no bargain but covers all the bases as far as my teeth goes. I ain't needing to have movie star teeth, just maintain the ones I have. He proceeded to reconstruct three on the left side like he did the three on the right side last time. Poor ole Jerrell didn't get nothing done as Mark ran outta time and Jerrell just made another appointment.
Normally the feeling is back by the time we make the 20 minute drive home, but yesterday that didn't happen. At 9 pm last night the numbness was completely gone and then I had a piece of that there oh delicious pineapple upside cake that Steph had for me. It was well worth the wait. Thank you Steph, I forgot to tell you how good it was in our morning emails.

I definitely see a need for a camera and Steph has me convinced that I should ask Santa Claus for one and do it now! I just might give it a shot. To be continued...

Hope all you folks had a good and safe Halloween. It is simply beautiful today but by weekend here in my part of NC, it gonna be buggary cold come the weekend so I hope my LLBeaner coat comes in fore Friday. Brrrrr

God Bless!


Teresa said...

How funny. Just last week I ordered a new coat from L L Bean. I think it was called the faux-shearling jacket and is supposed to be good at negative 20 degrees. That little Caroline is a cutie. Whiskers and all.

Moobear said...

That is ironic Teresa. I blame it all on Paulette. I just got a sweater and a pair of shoes last week from there and then P hasta order a coat so now I gotta coat on the way. I got the Diamond Ridge, I will check out yours. That is so odd, but we all do have things in common. :) Thanks for the visit hon, I ain't made my rounds yet. I been fighting pictures all morning. I do not think I smart enough for no camera!!!
Yes, Caroline is even more a cutie in person!!

God Bless!

Grammie said...

Here goes my second attempt...: )
I LOVED the photos that you put on your blog today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Caroline is an absolutely gorgeous child...those blue! She is quite a cutie!

I had written a suggestion as far as a camera goes. I love my Kodak Easy Share camera (Z760)...It is made for 'dummies' like me : ) and is truly so simple to use. Mine came with a camera dock/charger that also simplifies downloading pictures to the computer. I wouldn't use anything else. I got it at Costco about a year ago. Just a thought.
I am thinking that maybe I typed in the word verification incorrectly last I will be much more careful this time. Sometimes those letters are difficult to distinguish.
Have a great day, Moo!

Moobear said...

Thanks grammie for your comment. I am sorry you had so much trouble getting it to "take". Yes, I think Caroline has beautiful blue eyes and neither her mom or dad's eyes are blue.
I will definitely check out the Camera model you shared. It sounds like just what I need. I sure thank you for that info.
Yeah, those letters throw me off lots of time. You have a great day too Grammie! TN said...

Oh, I loved the pictures too. YES, tell Santa right today that's what you want for Christmas. Mine is a Kodak EasyShareC330. I think Kodak has them all beat by a country mile. They aren't that hard to learn to use. I don't have the dock/charger like grammie. Maybe that's what Santa will bring me.
Caroline is adorable. The visit you had with them sounds wonderful. Roxy is a cute little thing too! Wonderful post.....Thanks a million for sharing with us!!!! TN said...

Claudia, does Maggie and Gracie belong to Caroline?

Moobear said...

Hi Clara! Thanks for the comments and yes Maggie and Gracie belong to Caroline. Steph and David had the dogs before Caroline came along. I have the cutest picture of Caroline in the crate with Maggie. She slipped in there when Steph wasn't looking. :) Yes, I might just hafta ask for a camera, but I am not sure I have been good enough. Hmmmmm
Thanks friend.

God Bless!

Happymama said...

LOL, little tiger man!


Ordinary Janet said...

Those pics were worth waiting for! and you really should ask Santa for a digital camera!

Gattina said...

The pictures are great ! What are you waiting for to get a camera ????? YOU NEED IT ABSOLUTELY it looks so nice on your blog and with pictures you can share a little more of your blogger friends life I think. You look great in your kitchen with little Caroline and Roxy looks so sweet. You know I've bought myself one for my birthday (because I knew what I wanted) officially offered by my son. I bought a Canon Powershot A530 and you have seen the results on my blogs. It's not expensive at all I payed about 220 $ for it and only because I needed a special program called pets and kids. Otherwise it's around 190 and Canon is very good !
So give Santa Claus a kick somewhere that you find a camera in your boot !

helen said...

what a sweet little tiger:)

That Cleaning Lady said...

Thanks for the sweet pics of the baby tiger and the puppies too! Such a nice thing to get to see them all and have pineapple upside down cake too! Nice of your dentist to offer a few different plans to choose from! Hopefully the numbness is all gone and you're chewing like a champ again!