Wednesday, November 29, 2006

another day, but no nother dollar...

What a good morning so far. I programmed my little brain last night to do something different today. I decided to test my endurance. That folks means doing something more than just walking my dog and mustering up something for supper.

It is amazing at how good I feel around 11:00 or midnight, I feel my best and think of all these things that I am gonna do tomorrow. Most times it don't happen, but I am on schedule this morning and I am down right proud of myself. I dared not tell Jerrell of my intentions just in case they fell through or even yet fall through.

My first idea was to make some potato salad and of course some kind of dried beans for Jerrell to eat along with the pork chops I plan on frying for our supper tonight. Mid week cooking is not my usual, as we eat out on Thursday, buy groceries on Friday and usually have a make do on Fridays. But with this great idea of mine, I will have some leftovers for Friday! Good thinking Moo!

I have had to cut back my pc time and also cannot possibly read all the blogs that I would like too, but still have a gracious plenty. I also read an interesting article saying at this time the oldest known blogger is 92-year-old retired Tennessee poultry and egg farmer Ray White who started Dad's Tomato Garden Journal, the blog has been viewed more than 45,000 times. I found that to be awesome, so us folks have a long time to blog. His daughter said that it keep him interested in life. Along with that I found that 44% of Americans with Internet access between the ages of 18 to 29 read blogs regularly.
It did not mention the folks over 29, but I feel like there are at least as many if not more blog readers that are over 29.

That is about all the worthwhile information that I have to share with you folks today. I did email Kevin and found out that he is stressed and so busy with so much going on with work, working on getting grant money and his American Society of Hematology's Annual Meeting in Orlando. He ain't never missed one yet. Last year he drove on up and visited with us for several days. I do not know if that will be the case this year or not, will hafta wait til he calls on Sunday night. He will be in Orlando from the 9-12.

I did call yesterday and get Roxy an appointment for her Christmas haircut. We always try to get her one before Christmas as we want her real pretty so when folks come by she'll look pretty. At least I do keep her combed and not let her get matted. Our last two poodles was a pain to keep them from getting tangled, but I do have more time for such now that I didn't have or didn't take with the other precious ones. Cept Roxie is only half poodle and half Yorkie so she ain't quite as kinky curly as the poodles were.

Have ya'll put your Christmas trees up yet? If you have, sharing some pictures with us folks with be nice. I am about half way deciding to Unscrooge and put ours up. Over the years I have accumulated so many special ornaments- either from friends, family and I especially love the bells and such that the boys made when they were in grammar school. I have so many. I have carefully put them away each year as they just warm my heart when I see them hanging on the tree and as all the kids did, somewhere on that ornament will be their name or initials. Just like kids do.
It might make me feel better at least mentally to get my mind off of other things for a change.

I think I have yaked just about long enuf this morning, but wanted to post fore I get started at some of my big ideas of things I want to do today. Plus if I do something like work, just maybe I will be tard enough tonight to go to sleep when I go to bed. A good way to find out is my way of thinking...

God Bless!

5 comments: TN said...

Glad to hear you sounding "chipper" today. I hope you continue to feel as well through the night. I have one Christmas Tree up and one of my mantles decorated and today I have put my lights in the windows at the front of the house...tomorrow I will do the back. I also have red bows and some greenry on the outside of the windows. I'm trying to get everything done outside.....because there's going to be a drastic change in the Johnny Wood says on our local weather channel.
I would like to read the 92 year old Ray White's blog. I thought I was the oldest one....LOL I think that is wonderful. I hope I can still blog when I am 92....
Well, I'm going to see what I can round up for us to eat this evening. Beans and pork chops sound good to me.
Take Care and I pray you will sleep like a baby tonight!!

Gattina said...

Hi Moo, he, he again beans ! Each time you write about food it's beans lol ! I don't put anything up for Christmas, just a little table decoration as we are going on holidays.
Yesterday was an awful day, Lisa had pissed on my laptop and I had to buy a new one ! For a chance, the guy in the shop can recuperate my photos and documents but all my Internet favourites I have to add again ! So you are the second one. At first view the laptop is very nice better than my "old one" which just were 8 months old !

Ordinary Janet said...

Sounds like you're doing well! How'd the potato salad turn out?

We decorated the front porch, but not the inside yet-it's too early for us. I get sick of looking at it if we put all the Xmas stuff up too early.

Moobear said...

Clara, I bet your place is pretty. It seems with age, the excitement has waned quite a bit. I am feeling some better this week, for that I am so thankful.

ROFL,you made me laugh real hard this morning at your place Ingrid. Gotta wonder about them cats.

I am never in no hurry for Christmas decorations. To me it is a depressing time due to the many years of hassling with the unimportant things as gift giving to folks that you have no idea what they will like. I do not believe in wasting, so I have found that money or gift cards makes me feel better, dunno about the receivers. :P
Glad you are feeling better Janet.

That Cleaning Lady said...

So glad your mustering dear Clara!! So happy to hear you're at least trying! I read something about exercise is actually GOOD for people with heart conditions, a little effort makes the entire body feel better and makes you feel like getting up and doing more! As for decorations, nope we don't do it, though reading your blog made me miss those ornaments in the box in the garage. Might have to get them out just to see if they're still around! There's one particular little burro that always made me smile to see him. Beans sound good as always.
Oh by the way, I meant to ask you if you might have an old-fashioned recipe for ginger bread? I mean the kind you make with real ginger and bake. One of my most favorite deserts is ginger bread and lemon pudding... yummmmmmy.