Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday already...

Give me a day off and I am likely to take another. That is just the way I am. I do not blog now on Sundays and don't think the thought didn't enter my mind again today. Sundays around here are made up of naps for Jerrell, always a good lunch and now always a few football games to watch. Not that I particularly care for any one team no more, but I always end up liking Green Bay and the Steelers.

Course now I hafta pull for the Panthers as bad as they are doing this year, cept they gotta bye last week and ain't playing til tonight and I won't get to watch all that. Jerrell hasta get up at 5 a.m. for work so we kinda hit the sack early around here, usually tween 9:30 or 10:00 so Jerrell can get some much needed rest. Now for me, I ain't gonna sleep but I go through the motions and get little Roxy to sleep and ease on out and head for the kitchen.

I really do wish I could move about or turn on the tv, but she would hear me and start crying and there I would be -her up, Jerrell woke up and that wouldn't make for good relations for the human resources of marriage and work the next day. The den is far enough away that Roxy might not hear, but if I cut on the tv, then I couldn't hear her til she barked, then the damage will already been done.

I am not a baker, but would you believe me of all folks baked two, not just one, but two cakes today! Yeppers, I been a hankering a pineapple cake ever since Steph brought me some on Halloween Day. So I got all the goodies for it Friday at the grocery store. Welp Jerrell don't like it, but he do like devils food cake so I gotta mix for him and even got him his own private tin foil, throw away cake pan so I whupped him up one of those. I was like a maniac, always dropping something and scaring Roxy. As a matter of fact, if I stand up and she is laying near me, she will move cause I am also known to stumble or flop around and she stays clear. Something about my bread pan, dunno what but she scatters when I go to put it up cause for some unknown reason I always seem to be dropping it.

Jerrell gonna be surprised when he gets home cause I got some great northern beans (white soup beans) cooked and I am gonna fry some pork chops and fix one other something to go with it and call it supper tonight. Cause when he called this morning to check on me, I was not in a very good way and decided later in the morning that I won't gonna feel no worse, there was no way, so I'd just do at least one thing constructive just for the heck of it, so I will at least have him a good meal and have him his very own cake too!

I didn't do too bad neither, I ate a piece of that pineapple cake and it was down right tasty. The hardest part of the whole deal was finding my mixer. Years of stuffsssss had gotten in front of it, but with the flashlight I found it way back there in the cabinet. I had the beater thingies in my drawer and already eyed them earlier. It was right much fun, so much so, that I just might hafta make another one, but only do one at a time from now on, but I like to look after Jerrell cause he do hafta put up with alot with me. I toldem I wished I won't sick and could do more. He ain't all that well himself. I am so looking forward to him retiring fully in about a year or little more.

Welp my youngest son, Jeff, emailed me mid afternoon yesterday to let me know that he had gotten home safely from his little vacation to Florida. I was glad to hear he was home and home safely. Also as usual I talked to Kevin last night. He calls every Sunday night at 8:00 EST sharp as NG would say and you know- I didn't even mention the camera. I just gonna behave myself and right now they gotta worry bout Silvia getting her a permanent job as she will be finishing up her fellowship in July. He don't need no more pressures on him right now. Specially from Moo! I am here to tell ya, I love the simple life more than ever after I talk with him. He worries about getting grant money and I worry about finding my mixer. What a life!

God Bless!

5 comments: TN said...

You're not going to believe this, but I wore my PJ's all day Sunday. It was such a dreary day here in the tri cities. I did cook a turkey breast with mashed potatoes and gravy. That's the good ole simple life! I love it too....more and more each year.
Your cakes sound scrumptious. That was so sweet of you to make Jerrell one of his own!

That Cleaning Lady said...

How nice that sounds, cake and beans and pork chops, what a cook!!! Nice of you to make something special just for hubby. My favorite memory of my mom's pie making (speaking of special desserts) was lemon marangue. She used to make it the old fashioned way, with lemons, cooked on the stove, used to smell up the whole house so yummy. Her other speciality was tamale pie, this weather makes me want both!!!

Gattina said...

He, he you are in your beans again ! and little Roxy, as my cats behaves like a terrorist that you can't watch TV. But on the other hand poor Roxy lives a dangerous life with you when you are juggling around with pots and pans ! Our son were here over the weekend and it was very nice to have him here, of course his girlfriend didn't come, as she is still offended because of what I wrote in that old blog ! As somebody said :
girlfriends and wives go away
a mother always stay ! To hell with her, I have done enough. Probably I were too friendly at the beginning, that now she behaved so badly.

Happymama said...

Give me a day off and I'm likely to take several. LOL



Moobear said...

Thanks to all of ya'll for your comments. Ya'll see I am behind, but then that is just the way I am. I appreciate all of you folks so much.

God Bless!