Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Xplorer 7

I do not know why, nor do I care why my blog is two toned! I had been told it was that way, but it wasn't to me til I downloaded and installed that new Xplorer, that I hoped I might like . It's gonna take more than that to disappoint me. So unless a miracle happens, I will be a two toned blogger I reckon cause I ain't too much worried about it right now. As a matter of fact, I am not worried in the least. I went over to Sallys, who has the same template as me and hers is allright so I guess it is that Bunting luck at play again.

I think as you other folks switch over you will see that mine is a tad diffy than most folks, but then so is my blog and I just cannot help it. I like the new update so far, I can still do the same things I done before, just hafta hunt and find where everything is at, but that is the story of my life, ain't it?

Jerrell has gone to the dentist and I told him to be sure and pay his bill today! I called that office and found out that they run our bills together as we are family and that $85 was his bill so he promised to pay every time so as not to confuse my little pea brain no more. I also told the dentist office woman it's hard enough to keep up with my bills without having to worry with keeping his separate from mine. I love life, but it shore gets complicated for me when it comes to numbers now .

I just got off the phone with P and she can talk my phone dead every time. We have talked both my cordless ones dead and we hafta go to the landline sometimes. Oh we laffed and had a big time. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the beach with her and Denise Thurs.-Sunday, I betcha my ears would be a burning. :) I tolder to have a good time and get back home safely. She will have the blog withdrawls I just know she will. She loves reading blogs bettern anybody I know of, but like me she shore do get upset with some folks we have run upon. Ya know how you go somewhere and a comment will lead you to a post and that post will lead to another. That happens to all of us I am sure. Welp me and P got a soap opery one going on and we are amazed at how mean and evil some folks are. Makes me so proud and happy with my wonderful, happy, loving blogging family.
About all we can do is pray for them folks, cause they are really bitter and hurtful folks and are missing out on all the good things of life. It is also sad that them folks don't know how to appreciate kindness and love and most likely ain't never been around it and we just feel sorry for them. I am thankful I am who I am and the good Lord gave me a tender, loving and forgiving heart. I may be sick in body and in mind at times, but I am so happy that I am who I am and that the Lord is a big part of my life, therefore regardless of my age, my health and things that worry the puddin outta me, I am still a winner cause folks with faith and trust in Him don't always have it easy, but they don't hafta fight the battle of life alone. I am thankful today for family and friends and I just couldn't be much happier. Welp maybe if I had me a camera, but I just know one day I will, just not right now.

Today is Tuesday and with Jerrell getting off early, I am totally out of kilter once again. I happend to hear that precious little Nancy Grace and it shocked me back into reality as I was in a Saturday mood. I am anxious to hear the verdict on this case on Court TV, but they ain't deliberated long enough for a verdict. This is a tricky case and I personally see alot of reasonable doubt, so am anxious to hear the verdict. I am a big CTV watching fan. I sorta got hooked on it back during the Scott Peterson case and so I generally watch it or at least have it on during the day.

Welp I gotta run and see if I can figure all these new thingys on this update and if I remember correctly, It can be uninstalled and if I cannot get my blog back to normal, I just might hafta go back to the 6.0 version. It's just right now, it just don't make me no difference. Can't get outside and walk Roxy no where cause it is raining. Oh yeah and gotta go vote when Jerrell gets back from the dentist. Thank goodness, no more political phone calls for a while. Have a wonderful day wherever you are and take good care.

God Bless!


Ordinary Janet said...

Looks great-my favorite color is blue so I don't mind the two-tone at all!

Mom likes Court TV, but she'd rather watch 48 Hours reruns on Discovery channel. I sometimes watch, but it's so depressing, the things human beings do to other human beings, including ones they're supposed to love.

That Cleaning Lady said...

You aren't two toned to me!! I agree that there are some very sad and angry bloggers out there-- want to check out one in particular to make you sad and angry? Go to BANE...boy howdy and all that. He uses some language that probably makes his mother turn over in her grave.
As for me, I have gone over the edge a time or two, but not to the point where I've been cut off from the "family" that I so very much enjoy on a daily basis.
I find that I care very much about you Claudia and others I've met on here, and just like I'd jump up and down on the soap box at blood family, I'll do it to you, and hope you'd do it back.
Hopefully P will be back soon and get her blog set up,and you won't have any more trouble with downloading 7.0 --took us a week but we're on dialup and everything we do is sssslllloooowwww.
And you're right too that one blog leads to another and another. I found all of you thanks to Under The News. Ron is friends with my grandmother who lives in Littleton Colorado where he used to be a newspaperman. Small worlds isn't it?? Take care, and I'm thankful Jesus loves and puts up with us all!! Have you seen the spider pics on The Token Hippie? Wow she's got a great camera and a wonderful eye for the dramatic. Bye for now!!

Gattina said...

Yooopeee, your blog looks great not dark blue anymore it has a new dress ! The dark blue color was very annoying because I couldn't read anything because blue on blue didn't work. Unless you would have written in white ! So you are happy with the new IE, I think it's great, but like you I haven't discovered yet anything else but what I used to do with the old one. Slowly, slowly we will discover !

Clara....in TN said...

Your colors look the same to me! Why did you have to switch over? Is it just something to do with your blogging, or your PC as a whole. I have AOL 9.0 Security Edition. That is the latest one, but I'm not crazy about AOL. One of these days I will go to something else. Have you gone to the Beta Version with your Blog?
It's raining here , but Thursday and Friday the temps are going to be in the seventies!!!! Yeah....goodbye to the rest of my leaves.

Teresa said...

The color looks the same to me too.
I completely know what you mean about talking the phone dead...I just never thought of it that way. I have a friend that runs my cordless battery down everytime we talk. I pulled out an old phone that isn't cordless and I plug it in really fast when I see by the caller ID that it's her calling.

Moobear said...

Thanks ya'll. The only ones that could see the two different blues
are the ones that have the new updated Explorer 7.0. I just did the upgrade
yesterday and it was all outta whack til I went into the template and put a divider
in the template and republished and that rid it of the splotchy blog. I most likely had the templete fixed before you folks read the post. Just glad it is ok now!
Thank you Janet, teresa, clara, Ingrid and Jana for assuring me it was ok. I like the updated explorer, much clearer and less phishing goes on with the filter on.
As for phones, ya'll know I ain't real fond of them, but am my friend P, so she and my son are the only ones to talk mine dead. :)
Thanks for visiting and commenting too!

God Bless!

Gattina said...

Thanks for telling me that comments did'nt work ! In fact before I saw your email I made the same experience. But then it worked on my blog and the others too. And yes I know you have IE 7, isn't it nice ?

And thank you for your sweet comment on my button adventure (it's still not done, lol)