Friday, November 03, 2006

a cold snap is here...

I wanted to post this picture of Caroline in Maggie's crate that I had mentioned to you folks about. She slipped in there when Steph wasn't looking. :) You can see why she has no fear of our little Roxy as she has two big sisters! And yes I had to change it from the left to the right side in order for it to post. Oh Blogger!

I just got back from the grocery store and did the chore without Jerrell today. Jerrell is at work and I really miss him being here on Fridays. No breakfast and no help with the groceries, but that's ok.
I had read a few blogs this morning before going to the store and read some of the neatest items on Teresa's site oldageisnotforwussies and I read about the Magic Eraser and I had no idea what it was, but was anxious to check it out when I got to the grocery store. Her entire post was good reading with her list of favorite gadgets, etc.

I was slowly making my rounds and had made a few stops to chat but finally got to the right aisle to find that Magic Eraser. Well as Jerrell says if it don't jump out at me, I hafta look forever and a day, which I did for that Magic Eraser, up and down the aisle until I foundem. Welp they had two different kinds. Decisions ya know is something I don't like to make. They had the 2 packers on sale so I thought welp I will get them two and tryem and if I likem, I will get a 4 pack the next time for Jerrell. I am planning on opening them and trying them as soon as I finish my posting here. After all I must post first cause I played hookey yesterday and didn't ever get a chance to post to my blog. We all have them kinda days. Just to be honest, there is no good time for me to sit down here and write a post, I just do it when the mood hits and most important when I actually have a constructive thought which are becoming less and less lately. I am thankful I have such helpful and understanding readers that can tolerate my way of doing things.

It got down to 34 here last night but tonight it is spose to get down to around 29. I like cold weather. I can sleep better and longer. It is awful hard to get outta a warm bed in the mornings when you ain't got nothing pressing to do. Ever once in a while I have a must do, but I try not to have anything scheduled early in the morning as I ain't no morning person. I do have a dental appointment on Monday morning and I don't like Monday appointments either, why then do I lettem makem on them days. If Jerrell hadn't been with me, I had it already down for the exact time I get my hair done and Jerrell caught it. This is the first day his mother has not called me to see which day it is. I told her the other day to take a piece of paper and write in big letters what day it was, set it on the kitchen table and look at it every time she walked by the table. I hafta make notes of what to do every day and at times I do hafta think to know what day it is. I blame it on Jerrell for not working M-F, 40 hrs a week like normal folks do. It do make a difference when you don't have a job to go to. Now Mrs. B says it is cause she is 90. Welp she done the same thing when she was 89 and never once blamed it on her being 89, but just as sure as she is caught in a boo boo she says well I guess you do that when you get 90. Oh brother, Jerrell do have his hands full. Mrs. B is a good woman, but will drive you stark raving crazy at times. Kinda gets me addled and all.

Okies, I gonna see if Blogger will post my picture and then throw this post from here to there. I know it is probably getting cooler where you folks are too, so stay warm, snuggle up with a book or click that remote. Just stay safe and take care. :)

God Bless!


Grammie said...

I hope that you were able to use your new Magic Eraser! I swear, Claudia, it is amazing. Use it on your walls and it will remove everything that shouldn't be there (excluding the paint!)! Countertops! Sinks! Woodwork! It is wonderful.

I promise you, I don't have stock in the company....I just think that it is a great product.

Let me know what you think! : ) TN said...

Claudia, I know that magic eraser. They are wonderful. Be sure to write and tell us how you like it. And I tell you something else I have just discovered. SPRAY COMET. I'm tellin you, it will remove anything. It is a bathroom cleaner and if you try it, you will never use anything else. I think it is fairly new and a little hard to find. I bought mine at Walmart in Knoxville. Try it, You will like it.

Marci said...

Be cautious around your grandbaby with the Magic Eraser though. Read this blog... TN said...

Claudia, if you were here, I would hug your neck! You know in your last post, you said you had to move the picture from the left to right? Well, I had always just tried the center, and when I moved to the left, I posted Five pictures in one post! Now what difference that made, I'll never know. But Thank You!!!!!

Moobear said...

I would be amiss if I did not report today on my experience with Magic Eraser. Afer carefully reading the site that Marci posted, I proceeded to read on the box and tho it does not have the ingredients in it, it does have Extreme warning for children or use around children. After opening the box I began to be amazed at the ease of removing anything and everything. I certainly will use this. And Clara yes I use the spray Comet as well. Paulette had told me about that and it works great on showers and tubs. I also still like SoftScrub. So with those three I am all set up. Grammie, I even think Jerrell is gonna like them. :) I like the ease of having the sponge and just wetting it and it does the work for you. Thanks folks for your visit and comments today.
Enjoy your evening.

God Bless!

Moobear said...

Oh Clara , hahahaha, I dunno why it is, but I declare it works every time. I try and try and change sides and it will work like I mean...instant!!!
Maybe that is the Blogger trick for posting pictures. Just gotta change sides once in a while. :)
Thanks for coming by friend!

God Bless!

Peggy said...

love my magic eraser and love your cutie's photos!

Gattina said...

I don't know what happens but on my screen I only can see the cute picture with the baby and the dog, but the text is dark blue, so I don't know what you have written !
I installed IE this morning and it works great do you have this already ?
Blogger is causing a lot of troubles today, it's impossible to post and Help groups are full of complaints !

Ordinary Janet said...

I'll have to get a Magic Eraser, I've seen the TV commercials but didn't know if they really work as well as the commercial says it does.

If I live to be 89 I won't care what day it is!

Moobear said...

Thanks Peggy! Glad you stopped by. Ingrid, I dunno what the problem is unless the 7.0 is not cooperating. Have not heard of any other problems from anyone else.
ROFL Janet on the 89! I agree with you on that one. btw I did get your link on my sidebar. :)
Thanks to all of you folks.

God Bless!