Saturday, November 18, 2006

squeaky clean day...

What a busy day around here and I ain't doing nothing to amount to anything. I have watched Jerrell vacuum the house and wash windows this morning and normally it don't bother me, but today it's down right depressing. So much in fact, I felt like I had to get out of here- so I did. I had two scripts I needed to pick up at the pharmacy so I went and done that. As I pondered on the way, I wondered if I could get those curtains down and let Jerrell get them washed and he could wash them windows while he was in a window washing mood.

Thankfully and fortunately, one of the last things I did do before I had to quit work was since we sold replacement windows ,we had all new windows put in the house and it was well worth the money. We replaced the old wooden windows that had been in the house since it was built in '53. We got the tilt in kind which is effortless as far as washing, cept for the strength and energy it takes to do the actual washing. I did at least help Jerrell as to how to get them to tilt. I had showed enough of them to customers that it was sorta etched in my memory bank, not cause I could remember. I just reacted and it worked. My good deed for the day.

Clean floors and windows are nice, but it sure is hard to sit and watch someone else do it when I want to be able to. I guess I shouldn't feel that way, but lately being sick is getting hard to swallow. I am out of sorts with that new sleep aid that I got. I was up sitting on my stool again last night so I ain't taking another one of them pills since apparently they are not Moo proof. I sure ain't gonna miss a good night's sleep and a daily constitution over taking one little yellow pill! Nope, not gonna happen.

I pedaddled around yesterday and til I got time to post to my blog it was dunning 4:00 and that late to me means it is just to late. I think I was still in shock from going to the grocery store. I spent the most yesterday I have ever spent in my entire life and I about choked at the checkout. That too depressed me. I can say we do have plenty to eat if I can muster up the energy to cook it. Beings Thursday is Thanksgiving, Jeff won't be coming home tomorrow as is his usual 2 week visit time, but will wait til Thursday. That's ok, we will have Mrs. Bunting up here for lunch and J and me and Jerrell. We of course wish the ole Koon Bug could be here with us, but he is too far away and quite busy for the remainder of the year. Still unclear whether he will make it in for Christmas or not. We shall see.

Does any of you folks know when Blogger is gonna force us hold outs to switch over to Beta? I have not heard and really don't know that they will let us know. Most likely one day I will come here to post and my blog will just be unaccessible. If anyone knows, I sure would appreciate hearing from ya. I know a few of us ain't took the challenge yet. It is just hard for me to trust that all my stuffsssss will carry over to the other blog, I kinda think we will hafta pretty much do it all over again and to be perfectly honest with ya, I ain't in for that, neither mentally nor physically. If all else fails, I can either start a new blog or I can retire, just whatever suits my fancy at the time is apt what I will do when the time comes.

I got some cooking to do and I cannot start while I blog as I am a now "known to let something burn person", so wanted to post a blog then do my cooking, so I am a heading for the kitchen and debating on whether to try to take on those two windows in the dining room while the curtains are down or let Jerrell rest his legs a bit more and let him do it. I just think I will give it a shot myself. So I'll run now. You good folks have a good day and wonderful Lord's day tomorrow.

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Hi Moo...
I am a beta hold out also...I have the same fears that you expressed- so I am waiting until I have to before I change!

I am sure that it does get old not feeling your best. Please feel better...and have a lovely day! TN said...

Another "hold out" here on changing to Beta Blogging. I'm just not in the mood to do all that changing. But if push comes to shove, I guess I'll make the switch!
I have my Christmas tree half decorated. Some of my old lights wouldn't work, and yesterday I bought some new ones. I like the ones that have different functions, instead of just blinking off and on.
Claudia, I'm glad you feel like cooking! I have a roast in the crock pot, so that's about as easy as it gets. that's the kind of mood I'm in today.
You have a good week-end and stay well!!!!

Teresa said...

Moo, I was another Beta holdout till a couple days ago. I tried to switch and something happened to my entire blog. It seems to be gone. I'm gonna get around to making a new one, but what a pain.
I'm sorry your sleep medicine is giving you trouble. I suffer from insomnia so I know how frustrating not being able to go to sleep gets. Have a great weekend and feel better.

Gattina said...

Don't worry about Beta ! Do like I do "wait and see". Until I am not forced to, I don't move. Anyway if they have all of us to switch over then probably it would go from alone and we don't have to do anything. It's now that all troubles occur, because people are switching over too quickly. Ric told me never to switch to something "beta" as that means it's not a finished product and I don't want to serve as a lab rat. I created a blog in beta just for myself to try it out it's not public and I think it's very easy if you want to change colors and template and add etc. Had not enough time to really try it out. So stay were you are until they push you over with all your stuff !
Can't you add a Weather Pixie on your blog ? It's on my blog and Grammie has it too. It's so nice to see what weather you have over there and also what temperature. Now in the morning I can always tell the temperature and R. the first time asked me "How do you know you haven't been out yet" It's really great !

Ordinary Janet said...

Best thing to do is back up your posts in case worst comes to worst. I've always saved my posts-there's a technical way, but I just click on a month in the Archives and it puts all the month's posts on one page. Then I Select All, Copy and paste to WordPad and save it in a file on my computer. Then if the blog gets wiped out, I have all my old posts nice and safe.

Hope you feel a little better today!

Happymama said...

I would love, love, love to have the tilt in windows or the ones that swing open. We had both kinds when we lived in Germany and it was so wonderful when it was cleaning time. Plus, I liked the way they looked when I opened them for fresh air. :)


That Cleaning Lady said...

Being a housekeeper, and having mostly senior and poor-health clients, I find so many that are angry and depressed that they can't do for themselves anymore. I try to make it a bit easier for them by telling them that just because you can't do this anymore,doesn't mean you have to be upset about it! Remember how much you hated doing housework when you could do it, and now you can let someone else do it that does like to, and you can do something you really enjoy doing! I'm jealous about those tip-out windows! What a treat to not have to use a ladder and stand outside in the weather and fighting the bugs to get them clean!! Neatooo!!
Glad too that you feel like cooking! I got up to bean soup started and fresh coffee with French Toast and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.. think he wants something?? =-)

That Cleaning Lady said...

Oh, and I'm holding out on Beta too, I don't trust that new-fangled stuff either. Hopefully we won't all be left out in the cold!! My concern is having to set up a google account! I already have a yahoo account that I'm perfectly happy with.

dot said...

I hope Teresa reads this and knows how much we all miss her blog!

I haven't switched over either. Well I have signed in on Beta a few times but could not tell any difference. Maybe I was doing it wrong! TN said...

Teresa, I'll leave you a comment on Claudia's blog.....I don't think she will mind. We have all been wondering what happened to you. Glad to see your name appear again. I missed seeing your blog!!!! Hope you get it up and running again soon!
(Thanks Claudia)