Monday, November 06, 2006

i found more pictures...

I was going through my pictures and found this one I had failed to open. Since I speak of Steph so much this is one of she and Caroline. They been a riding I see! Steph is quite a tennis and basketball player too and yep Moo has played many games with Steph, back when I could and yep I got the video to prove it too! :):)

Folks I am going to have to make it short today. Just to keep from down right complaining, I will just say that shortly after getting up this morning I had a really bad angina attack that I did not think was going to go away. Tomorrow would have been three weeks since I have had one. I knew I did not feel well yesterday, but am concerned after this morning. As I have mentioned, they leave you with a racing heart and weak as a sketti noodle. But the pain is so intense I'll take the weakness all day.

I had hardly gotten over the attack when the phone rang and the dentist office was calling, wanting me to come in earlier so since I can't rush no more I throwed on something and out the door I went and actually was glad I had a 20 minute drive to get there so I could rest and get my wits together.

Also yesterday my wonderful neighbor, Pearlie, that I speak of often in here, had to be put in the hospital yesterday morning about 4:30. I just had to go see her today so I thought I would go when I got back to town from the dentist which is what I did. I went to my usual parking lot the closest to the front door and of course there were no parking places, even a handicapped that was not taken cept for several clergy ones. I circled a time or two and decided I was not gonna walk no country mile and try to walk up them steps back to the hospital with my bad leg, so I immediately became a Handicapped, smoking Clergywoman. I hung my little sign on my mirror and pulled right into the Clergy spot, right up to the sidewalk , out I got and in I went.
I go into a room full of folks. Won't real surprised as my neighbor has not only a loving family but bunches of friends. Welp she introduced me first thing to a preacher who had come to see her. I toldem I hoped I didn't get his parking space. :) and I let him talk a bit, then he prayed and left. I had a nice little visit, but there won't but two chairs in there and me and another disableee had them. I love that woman, she has been the best neighbor and friend a body could have. They gotta clear up the infection in her pancreas and then they gonna take her gallbladder out and should come home the day of the surgery. We are hoping the surgery will be tomorrow cause she is already wanting to come home. Please remember Pearlie in your prayers. I worried cause she had 14 years perfect attendance at church and she was in the hospital yesterday at 4:30a.m., but they did the Sunday School lesson on the phone so it counted and it won't hurt her perfect attendance and I was so happy for her, cause that was the first thing me and Jerrell thought of. Her husband called me first to tell me, then Pearlie called me herself and then her sweet daughter called me and I so much appreciated them letting me know.

Reminds me I gotta call my Aunt and Uncle that she has been tending to for the last year and tell them. They are elderly and I just now thought I spose to call them. And I gotta call the dentist again cause they still ain't credited me with the $85 I paid for one of my visits which they told me on the phone last week that they would correct. Why come I couldn't have looked at that paper before I walked outta that office, seen the error and not wait til I get all the way home and then hafta call back. That is why I don't get out much. I am gonna go rest. I do hope all you folks are well and enjoy this beautiful day.

God Bless!


Marci said...

Oh Claudia, I am sorry about the angina attack. I will continue to pray for you dear sweetheart. I will pray for Pearlie to. We heard a message yesterday asking if you were a giver or a taker. They said to think of the most loved person you know. One who everybody loves. He said they are a giver. It sounds like Pearlie is one. Rest up.

Moobear said...

Marci, I have read your blog from yesterday, but not thorough yet, but believe me I will. I feel like I want to share this with you and I am sure that my friend P (Paulette) that filled in for me would not mind. Also, please do remember Pearlie as she is such a giver and does far more than people even know. Also thanks for your continuing prayers for me as I so need them. Thanks friend.
Here is a portion of the email I got from P late yesterday.

I'm sure you've already read Marci's post for was wonderful, so inspirational! In fact, it was so much like Pastor Bob's sermon today that I almost felt like I was back in church. He preached on brotherly love, giving, etc., and ended his sermon with this thought: We all need to be givers, not takers and the most precious thing we can give to someone is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It was an awesome sermon.
Thanks Marci!

God is good!
God Bless! TN said...

Hi Claudia, hope you are feeling O.K. now after the angina attack. Bill has those every night of his life. He doesn't get much sleep and I don't either. Today I have been up on top of my house cleaning out the gutters. I need to install those things that catch all the junk that get into gutters.

That is a cute picture of Steph and Caroline. Looks like fun to me.
I will say a prayer for you tonight that you will rest without any more attacks.... and I will say one for Pearlie also. She sounds like a sweet, loving person.

Gattina said...

Your poor neighbour friend ! I still can't read all of your post. The beginning is normal, the middle is in blue so that's impossible to read and the end again normal. That's why I also know about your dentist. And you are the only blog I have this trouble with. It also happened once to me and somebody told me. Have you checked your blog ? Sidebar and everything is OK just part of text in dark blue.
Thanks for the comment ! Mr. Linky is very nice when you particpate in a group, because then it's much easier to comment people for the next week. They are all listed at Mr. Linky for me.
Have a look just for fun (I have no commission lol ) it's free anyway. Everything on my blog is free, I wouldn't spend money for that. So if you like something, just steel it !

Grammie said...

Sorry about the angina attack last night, Moo. Please take care of yourself...and my prayers are with Pearlie also....

Ordinary Janet said...

Hope you're feeling better, that sounds like a busy day you had. Hope you rested up from all that activity!