Saturday, November 25, 2006

i will try again...

Just so as not be defeated, I tried and tried and tried and tried to get this picture on my post yesterday, but oh no, not to be! So beings I don't give up easily, here is a picture made of Tommy and I our senior year in high school when we were named Most Valuable Player. I wanted it with the memory post, but won't to be as hard as I tried. Yeppers, those were the good ole days.

As for an update on me, I guess you can say I am sitting on it. I cannot say that I feel a froghair better, but then I don't think I am no worse. I am due to see the heart doc on December 12, which ain't but a tad over two weeks. Not that I expect seeing him is gonna stop my angina, but I will certainly have a little heart to heart talk with him. My needle is pushing the E this morning. I managed to get to bed right at midnight and just think, I ain't never been up in my entire life to see a New Year come in, but I bout betcha I will this year! After finally getting to sleep, starting at 3 a.m. my colitis flared up and a total of 7 trips fore I finally got up a bit fore 8 a.m. Just tween the trips my body managed an angina attack at 4:08 a.m. Don'tcha just love digital clocks, where you know the exact time to the t. Well I do. As a matter of fact, when our 30 year old microwave bit the bullet I had to have a little cheapo to replace it, but it had to have a digital clock or how else could I time something when I am a cooking. I would dare to say I used my microwave more for a timer than for anything else. I don't cook nutin in there now cept for my Hotpocket Pizzas, the rest is just for warm ups, which I love the hound out of.

I just looked on the calendar and see that Christmas is 4 weeks from this coming Monday. As of today I still do not know if my oldest son, Kev and his family are coming or not. I kinda think they will be going to Toronto to her parents. If so, that will make two years in a row and also the first Christmases that Kev ain't been home. I know them wives make the decisions and it is either do or die, so mouth shut at all times is my advice. But should they come, everyone is gonna be in for a surprise, cause Moo ain't and can't do all she did the last time they were home. I can see each year that I go down a bit further and it ain't likely to get no better. I really ain't worrying much about it, not much about nutin. It ain't like if I knew they were coming that I would do any different. The cobwebs will stay and no decorations will be out. I am just wondering if a 10 year old needs a Christmas tree up, if I knowed for sure it mattered, I would have Jerrell drag the tree out, but the way I feel except for Cynthia, that tree can stay right where it is.

I do hope that P's church will have another Christmas Eve service this year and she invites me, as I did so much enjoy that. That was the most enjoyable Christmas Eve I have had in years. Also that is our 39th anniversary and it ain't that I am braggin by no means, but that is a long time to live with one person! It is a crock to be married then as nobody and I mean nobody remembers it, it is all about eating and presents.

Welp our cold spell here is NC is over and springtime temps are here. I like both, but wish it would stay one way or another. I just soon it get cold, stay cold and give us many snow days as I still have the youngun in me and Jerrell hates them like a boil. He don't get too cited over nothing, least of all snow. I been a hankering to use my 4 wheel drive and you know it ain't snowed deep enough that we even had to use it. What a crock!

Okies I failed to mention that we had a good Thanksgiving. Was nice to have Mrs. Bunting and Jeff home for lunch. Me and Roxy was singing "when the storm is over" fore they got outta the driveway. Now for the bad news, I ain't got no cell phone no more. My brother called and he gets mad easy, real easy and he did and cancelled our service. So Moo cannot call no more friends outta state no more, but that's ok, I know there is some happy folks out there.

I am outta here. I am finally on Empty. Hope you have a good day and have a good Lord's day tomorrow!

God Bless!


Gattina said...

Apparently you feel much better and at least have some energy again to blog. But I have the feeling you sound a bit bitter, maybe I am wrong. If you write something about your sons, don't they read it sometimes ? I had a very bad experience when I wrote about daughter in laws and she wouldn't talk to me for more than a month. So finally I excused myself (just outside not inside, I even exaggerated very much, but she was too stupid to understand) Now everything is OK, but that girl will just be the wife of my son and nothing else !

Moobear said...

Oh I am sorry to hear of your experience. I never say anything that I would not say to my sons. Yes, my youngest son Jeff reads my blog daily, as a matter checks it more than once. The oldest, Kevin, usually does a scan before calling home on Sunday night, never thorougly reading it. He is I understand backing it up on a cd to read after my demise. Maybe then he will enjoy it more and have more time later in life for trivial things. Also both my sons work require them to spend all their working hours at a computer, therefore they are not too much for spending much time on a personal pc, other than for work. Jeff is as I have often said, my most faithful reader and reads from work and my baby son!

I feel so much better today! I slept all night which is a miracle! I should post a blog about the value of a good night's rest.

I have found that in blogging if we are always truthful, we have offended noone. The truth hurts some more than others. I try to be tactful, but then again I do tend to tell it like it is.
Thanks for your visit and comment Ingrid. Wish we could have coffee and talk. I could learn much from you.

God Bless!

Moobear said...

I misread, I thought you said I sounded better, oops, you said bitter? Bitter about what hon? No I am not bitter at anyone or anything, I just roll with the punches. Bitterness and anger will destroy, I leave those two alone. The good Lord has seen to that.
Sorry I misunderstood. Take good care my friend.

God Bless! TN said...

Nice picture....those were the days.

Teresa said...

Really great picture!!! Yes, those were the days. Almost daily I wish that my children could have been raised in the 50's. I'm glad your doctor visit is soon. Take care.

That Cleaning Lady said...

Well, not to take away from your anniversary getting forgotten on christmas eve, but my birthday is the 26th. Used to be mom would tell me to pick out something under the tree and leave it for the next day... happy birthday.
As for your angry brother and his cancelling your cell phone (jerk), get your OWn darn cell phone!! The programs are darn cheap these days.
IT's ok to say something your kids might not like to hear, as you said the truth hurts... boohoo. Someday when you aren't around to tell them the truth they will tell eachother how much they miss you and wish you were here to talk to them, so talk to them now. Oh, and ask them not to put flowers on your want them flowers NOW in the form of visits and reminises about their childhood with you as a mom, handmade gifts and homecooked meals would mean a lot too. And since they're on the computer all the time, both of them should realize you have health problems and could use a little comfort from the kids. Darn ungrateful kids anyway!!!
I hope your doctor tells you to drink more water and stop them darn smokes!
Oh, and thanks for the comment about the invitation for the Gmail, I think I got an invitation, but I think it got shredded...or something... =-)