Friday, November 10, 2006

back in time...

My mind is still on sports as I begin my post. I guess that is not uncommon as one sport or another has been a part of my life since I was big enough to know that competition is fun. I got an email this morning from my buddy Bob Harris who I mentioned in my post yesterday and he sent me the link for Ernie Harwell's Audio Scrapbook. Ernie was the Hall of Fame baseball announcer for the Detroit Tigers so any of you baseball fans out there I am sure remember hearing him in the days of radio and when baseball was the American way of chilling out.

Bob had a part in this as he did the interviewing and asked Ernie the questions. At the site there are three different audios from the Scrapbook and although I have only had time to listen to one, it does have many interesting things in it for us baseball fans. Jerrell and Bob played Little League together and they still jaw about whose team was the best. Those days was before I moved to Albemarle. My youth was spent in a little town this side of Rockingham, but the little town of Ellerbe sure holds all my childhood memories.

Back then most folks loved the World Series about as good as getting together and having an Oyster Stew. I can remember when I was staying with my aunt and uncle during the World Series one year when mama was in the hospital and we were in the basement listening to it on the radio. Ever once in a while someone would come from the barn to check on the score. They wouldn't let me work in the tobacco you know, although I was old enough. Go figger.
I much preferred shooting marbles and was known to be the best. I was the best tomboy in Ellerbe and all the boys wanted me on their teams. Even then I was taller than most all the boys, cept my brother. We had our own basketball goal and our very own cave. I never had no treehouse, but my brother did and of course that was off limits to me, but I did slip up there a time or two and found a secret hiding place where he hid his cigarettes so I used that for some leverage on him when necessary.

I followed up with sports when mama died and I got moved to Albemarle, then on to college. I even played city league til I was 33. After that I played with my sons until 1998 when the old back said, no more. I can truthfully say I loved baseball, basketball and tennis and played every chance I got. I never got into golf, it was just not for me, not enough movement or action to keep my attention. Now my brother took to that and still plays in a senior deal at a golf course in SC. Jerrell was a baseball, basketball and softball player and finally gave it up at 41 and now we know why his knees and legs are worn out.

I am multi tasking and wanting a verdict to come in on this Cape Cod case on Court TV, also watching Jami Floyd chat on mirc on their Court TV chat and doing my blog at the same time. I always like to watch Jami chat on Fridays cause she always makes somebody mad and before she gets through, she has made then even madder. I just sit and chuckle. Oh well.

Oh yeah folks, I gotta PS from Santa and it can happen and Dad will get something else, but after all is said and done, I really don't needa camera all that bad. So I retracted my request cause I was still sitting on my stool at midnight last night worrying about it. I ain't been worth a toot today. I gotta start sleeping again and not get things on my mind, like sitting on that stool in the dark is gonna make no difference, although after a couple hours I do get sleepy. :)

It is absolutely another beautiful and warm day here in North Carolina. I dunno about winter here. We shall see. Enjoy your day, wherever you are!

God Bless!


Ordinary Janet said...

You know, I can picture you as a tomboy! I bet you were good at every sport you played. Do you have trophies?

well, maybe you'll get the camera some other time. Meantime, you can borrow someone's if you want.

Moobear said...

Yep Janet, I was the #1 tomboy of the 50's and I say that proudly. I do have a plaque and the program with pictures and bios of all the players for both teams from when I made the North West Allstar Team and AllState in 1962. I was treated like a queen for a weekend and a weekend and a ballgame forever etched in my memory bank. I was quite honoroed as I was the first female ever selected from our conference at the time.
I will get a camera one day. A source yesterday has an old one I just might be able to purchase at a very good price. I never give it. :)
Thanks for commenting Janet.

God Bless!