Thursday, November 09, 2006

Santa Claus, Duke and all...

Tense Exchange as Nifong Campaigns

I just got in from getting out. I have been in this house for the past few days and watched rain! We did however venture out in the rain on Tueday and voted. My vote does count, for we gotta new sheriff!

Some of you folks I am sure have heard of Mike Nifong the DA in Durham that brought charges against three of the Duke LaCrosse team. Welp we grow'em tough on Depot Street as I have told ya'll about in earlier blogs. My good friend and one of the gang is as I have told you folks, the "Voice of the Duke Blue Devils" and has been for over 30 years. Now anybody with any sense knows that my friend ain't a hankering to shake hands with Mike Nifong. So what does the dumbo Nifong feller do but approach Bob in the parking lot where Bob had gone to vote and that fool tried to get Bob to shake his hand. If you go right here and click on the video arrows to where you see the above pic, it will show ya the video of the "Tense Exchange as Nifong Campaigns.

I get the GretaWire in my emails as I do not watch Great Van Sustern on Fox often, but I do like her and like her wire. In fact, I was reading her wire when I happened upon an email from a viewer that was talking about the confrontation. So I go and look at the video. I emailed the wire to Bob and told him how proud I was of him. He emailed back and said he had many emails and phone calls and all was well with him. Personally, I cannot like Nifong and he certainly is crazy to think that Bob could hardly want to be in his presence, less shake his hand. Of course different folks have different opinions on this Duke scandal, but I for one think it is a total fluke. After all, Nifong admits to only having talked with the so called victim for only about 15 seconds. Well how in the world can you tell of being raped, etc in 15 seconds that would warrant and justify charges brought against three fine young men on the lacrosse team. Oh well, it will all come out when it gets to court, but in the meantime, I for one will back up my buddy Bob and Duke University on this one.

Welp folks, I wrote to Santa Claus and Santa dunning wrote me back saying he did not see that I had a need for no camera, sooooo all I can figure is like I said, I just ain't been good this year is the way I am figuring it. But that's ok, I will be gooder and just maybe next year Santa will once again come back down my chimney.

If I hadda had one a while ago, you folks would have a picture cause I had Roxy outside and looked and once again, the sky was so Carolina blue with no clouds and I looked at my neighbors huge oak tree with all the pretty colors of leaves and just above the tip of those tree limbs was the blue sky and there was the white moon. The moon was about 3/4 visible and it was about the prettiest thing I have seen in a long, long time. I just stood there in awe at what a pretty picture that was. Maybe it's my age, I dunno, but I see and appreciate things I used to never even pay any attention. If age or bad health caused it, then I am so thankful I am old and sick cause I been a missing out on lots of pretty things in my life I bet.

Welp I got me and Roxy a little lunch and now I am wrestling with the idea of whether to continue to get my hair done every Thursday or not. OOOpppps the Fed Ex man just brought me my way overdue package from LLBeaner. But don't need no coat today.
Anyhow I plan on going on today to get my hair done, although I did shampoo it good yesterday. I tell ya, for what I hafta pay I want a good shampoo and it just ain't happening. So I have a decision to make and as you folks know I do not like to hafta make decisions, but I am tard of my head itching. We shall see.
Hope all you folks enjoy your day! I am so glad to see the sunshine and the 70 temps that I am gonna stay outside as much as possible today.

God Bless!


Teresa said...

We had temperatures in the low 70's today too. It felt so good outside, but I bet we won't see many more of these warm days this year. I'm glad you finally got your L.L.Bean order.

Gattina said...

You wrote to the wrong Santa Claus ! yours is naughty. How can he pretend you don't need one if you need one ! (Men again) But there are several once (as you can see in shops) pick out a nice fat one (they apparently have a better character) and tell him what you want. Competition between Santa Claus' exists ! Good luck !

Ordinary Janet said...

Bad Santa!

We're getting a couple of days of Indian summer here too, I plan to be outside this afternoon to enjoy it.

Have a good day!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Here's an idea, get your own darn camera, and send the bill to Santa!! That person abviously doesn't know a good person from a bad one anyway. If you want some information about what kind of light digital camera to get, The Token Hippie is a good one to check with, and of course Grammie knows her way around a camera too! All we have here is plain old film type cameras, we're going to get a digital one of these days!
And for what you pay for your shampooing and hair doing you otta tell that hair lady to do a gooder job!!!