Sunday, October 15, 2006

a peaceful Sunday...

So far today, it has certainly been a day of rest. I told Jerrell last night that we were going to rest today and do as little as possible. Other than fix us some lunch, we have done absolutely nothing just as planned. As he is asleep now in his recliner, I have been fighting off sleep all day. I awakened at 2:30 this morning with feeling nauesous which usually goes away within 5 minutes or so, but after it left, I was having so much pain under my ribs through to my back that I could not lay in the bed.

I got up and came into the kitchen, took a pain pill and within 30 minutes the pain had eased enough that I went back to bed. I snuggled up to Roxy and lay and listened to the sounds she makes while she sleeps. I still think they must dream because the first sounds were like she was excited over something and then the normal snoring like sounds. I rubbed her and onto her back she goes- still fully asleep. I guess she is a very content and happy dog. I lay for about an hour until I was pain free at last and pulled some cover up over Roxy and she gives the relaxed, thank you sound and I joined Roxy and finished out the night with sleep. I love Roxy. She woke me up before Jerrell was even up this morning, which is very unusual and much too early for me. I stood up and she came to the end of the bed for me to pick her up, instead of running from me if I remain in the bed and try to put her down.

We apparently woke Jerrell up with the running water in the bathroom so now we were all up for the morning. He was sitting at the bar reading the morning paper and I on my thinking stool when more pains began, this time being different, these being angina. Jerrell could not find my nitros as somehow I had knocked them off the bar and he got me one of his. I am so much looking forward to this heart cath on Friday, assuming I will have it. Since the Heart Group called me Friday saying they must have the blood work results by Wednesday or no cath can be done on Friday. It is really going to be pushing it as I go in the a.m. to get the bloodwork done and my doctor needs the results on Tuesday in order to get them to the cardiologist in time on Wednesday. I refuse to worry about it, as there is nothing that can speed it up, but I do not want to have it postponed as it is long overdue as Kevin has already told me. I am ready to get some relief.

I am really looking forward to Kevin calling tonight and hearing about his trip of course and he also has important company visiting the cancer center on the 24th and he is a bit stressed with that at the moment. I am glad to have our blogger friend Gattina back home and enjoying hearing about her wonderful trip to Turkey. There is more to come about her trip and I can hardly wait. Also, Clara is away until the 20th and of course we all miss her as well. I did receive a nice email from her yesterday and she is having a great time and looking forward to having some more barn quilt pictures to share with us. That is about one of the neatest ideas I have ever heard of and the quilts look so quilt like. Whoever does it, does it well. Too, I was sorry to hear that our blogger friend Ordinary Janet has the flu and will not be posting until she recovers. I wish her well and do hope she gets over it soon; as the flu will surely zap ya. Take good care Janet.

These nice fall temperatures here are very nice. I just love the cool nights and it just feels good to hear the furnace knock on at night as I lay in my already warm bed. I am enjoying this day. I am going to go back and finish watching the last 4 minutes of the Panthers and Baltimore game. Looks like the Panthers is gonna get a win today! I hope you good folks have a good afternoon and night as well...

God Bless!


Gattina said...

So sorry that you have pain again ! I am fighting with the temperature difference, from very hot to cold. And typing cold I think I start one. For the moment I am busy to answer all mails. Yeah, when you are away it piles up ! Thank you so much for your welcoming me ! It really touched my heart.

Grammie said...

Dear Claudia....I hate that you continue to have angina pain. Please take care of yourself. I am crossing my fingers that you will be able to get the catherization taken care of as scheduled.
I will miss your postings until you are up to it again...but, of course, welcome, and look forward to, your friend, Paulette's entries.