Monday, October 30, 2006

fall is in the air...

My mind is in several different directions today. Yesterday was a day off for me and I can truthfully say that I did not dart out the door the entire day. I am not saying that is good, but just had no need to go out. I miss the days now when I was able to go to church, but since I am not able, I just have to accept it. I am no longer able to go to funeral home visitations and that too bothers me. I am limited in many ways, but my mouth still works, although my mind ain't nearly as sharp as it once was nor as useful as I would like. I really do fly by the seat of my pants, but I generally land on a wing and a prayer.

I have spent much time doing something new for me and that is reading a book. Yeah me, actually reading a book! I am in awe too. Calm down. Not knowing the content of the book Marci, I found it quite ironic that although I do not have Crohns Disease, I do have UC which is next in line. After a time of remission, which is common, it is now back and the book is like a magnet, keeps drawing me back. It is amazing how what we put in our bodies affects every inch of us. I am learning more than I ever expected and a complete new insight into the disease and into my UC.

Since the weather has cooled off, especially at night, Roxy is beginning to hog the bed. Since I have never slept with a dog before, I have learned they are quite human like. She lately has been hogging the bed, has gotta be right up against me, whereas before she would at least not hafta touch me. She hasta be right up against me and sometimes with her nose right in my ear and once she is sound asleep you cannot push her over. She is just dead weight. I start out in the middle of the bed, but if I get up for something and come back, she has moved over to my warm place and my space is gone. About the only thing she don't do that humans do in a night's sleep is pull the covers. She sleeps the entire night in the same spot or over a bit. Just fascinates me. I love to lay there and listen to all them sounds she makes. Reminds me of a baby making cooing and gooing sounds, deep breaths, sighs and yes even snores. If I reach and rub her, she just blows and relaxes, you would think I had given her a massage.

There ain't no way nobody woulda told me that I would sleep with a dog in my life time. But with this sweet, precious creature that the good Lord allowed us to have, I do not think I could sleep a wink without her to snuggle up too. I was afraid if I had to have been hospitalized week before last just what would Roxy do. She loves Jerrell, but will not sleep with him. I guess if I were not here she would have no choice cause she ain't gonna sleep without me, she will lay there and cry til I get back if she catches me slipping outta the bed. Hope we don't have to test her, at least no time soon.

I did have to get up last night. I had gotten an upsetting email early in the night and it bothered me so much I could not get to sleep. Emails like this I prefer to not get, but when I do, I do wish it would be early morning so as I could get it off my mind well before bed time. But things don't always go like I would like them too. I had gotten into a go to sleep routine and last night throwed all that outta kilter, but I hope that was just a one night occurance.

It is a simply beautiful day here. Temperature is perfect, sun is shining and the leaves are a falling. I am so thankful to be here but I did get up a bit too early. I started hurting and got up at 5:30 so I am in for a long day. I am also getting hungry so think I'll go and fix me a Hot Pocket Pizza and get back to reading my book. I hope all you folks have a great day too!

God Bless!

5 comments: TN said...

Claudia, what is UC? I'm glad you are enjoying the book. Books are one of my best friends....LOL

Gattina said...

Hi Moo,
Thanks for the wonderful paintings ! I just wanted to tell you I published yesterday my reportage about Turkey. Lot of work but also pleasure so if you want to look at it ...

So and now you are sleeping with a little dog taking the space of an elephant ! Don't worry about sleeping with a dog, I don't know anybody who doesn't, even when he/she sweared before that it would never happen. And me, what should I say, sometimes I have three cats in my bed and have to curl up in a little corner because there is no room anymore lol !

Moobear said...

Hi clara and Ingrid,
yes clara, for a non reader I am thoroughly enjoying the book. I think the Lord intended for me to have and read that book, it is that informative. UC=Ulcertive Colitis. I was diagnosed with it in the late 90's. It usually begins with younger folks.
Hi gattina, I got your email and I have not had a chance to read about your trip to Turkey. I still have your traveling site bookmarked, but appreciate the reminder. This morning has been hectic, but I WILL get there my friend.
Thanks clara and gattina for the comments.

God Bless!

Teresa said...

Oh Moo, I remember a time when I swore I would never let a dog sleep in my bed. First, the dog wormed it's way into the house. Next it was sleeping in my bedroom and then one morning I woke up and it was in the bed. Well, that little dog spend the next 6 years sleeping in my bed and I was an emotional wreck when she died. So, enjoy Roxy's company!

Moobear said...

Thank you teresa! Yes, I am enjoying my new bed partner.
Also, you cannot beat pintos,onions and a cake of cornbread. That is what I'm talkin bout too! Have a great day hon.