Monday, October 02, 2006

i do declare!...

People just amaze me. But it does take all kinds to make the world go round. I enjoy and appreciate all my visitors to my blog regardless of how they find their way here. 'Tho I only know a handful of them from reading their blogs, it has well been worth the ride. I do have just a few google searches that I have again chuckled over and wanted to share with you folks. It is amazing how what "they" choose to google gets them to my site. I have giggled as I put my list together so some programs are worth their weight in laughter.

1. llbean discontinue medium tall size ( And I hope not, cause I am tall and hafta order med tall)

2. paradise found roxy shower curtain

3. flat as a flitter

4. fixing the toilet no water getting to the hopper

5. tide magic stick

6. "biggest bladder"

7. does stomach problems cause a blotched tongue

8. "stringing a bean"

9. "i will email anybody"

10. homei remote hopper cars

11. spank or sp

Dunno about some of them, but never the less those google searches brought them here to my place. I do enjoy reading them as they always cheer me up.

Welp I had a wonderful, but tiring weekend. I am usually whupped on Monday and so is Roxy. Bless her heart, she had to go for her haircut today and I was thinking it was tomorrow. She usually sleeps most of the day on Mondays as she gets more walks than Moo ever gives her during the week. She and Jerrell will walk and run up with someone to talk to and be gone for long periods of time, so she sticks tight with Jerrell when he does not work. I actually told him yesterday that the next time she needed or wanted to go out to let me know cause I needed a walk and get out myself. I will use the inside bathroom of course.

My brother and his wife enjoyed the reunion and we did have a lot of fun talking and also had lots of serious talking. He was relating to me some of the problems his son was going through and the most touching story that brought tears to my eyes, but they were tears of joy, hearing how the Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways. We need only to listen. Sometimes we live too fast that we outrun ourselves and miss the boat entirely. I am so thankful that my wonderful nephew now has peace in his heart and in his new life. God is good.

Our oldest son called last night and was half excited about their upcoming trip to Austria. They will be leaving on the 5th, which will be Thursday. As the Bunting luck prevails, they will be returning on Friday, the 13th of October and will only miss one week in calling home, although he did say he might call from there once anyway. Also to my dear friend Ingrid, I did ask Kev on your behalf and yes hon, they will be touring and siteseeing as well. :) He and I talked our usual hour after me just finishing up with about an hour with my pc server Roadrunner trying to get this cockeyed pc to work right. As I speak. IT IS OK!

Our youngest son will be having a birthday coming up next Saturday the 7th of October and will be home on the 8th. Wow they grow up so fast, but that is what life is and I wouldn't want it any other way. I am more than blessed and more thankful every day for the wonderful, although small family that I have.

I have decided when I muster up the desire today, I am going to call my wonderful doctor's office today and reschedule my original appointment for the 23rd that I canceled when I went last Tuesday. I will just forget that I went last week, since the doc forgot that I came too. I will remind him on the next visit. So I am in the hole on that visit, but did get my oxygen checked, but then I coulda done that without going to the doctor. What a life!...until

God Bless!

6 comments: TN said...

That is funny about the google searches....I don't understand how any of those brought them to your site....but what do I know????
Your youngest son's birthday is on the 7th...and my son Gary's birthday is on the 6th of Oct. He will be 41. Gee, it seems as though I shoud be the one that's 41. Where does time go?
Glad you had a good week-end. Sounds like Roxy did too. I bet she gets more exercise than most people. Lucky Dog!!!

Gattina said...

Lol ! The searching list is great ! especially the one who looked for "bladder" and arrived on your blog ! I don't even remember that you ever mention the word bladder ? That's nice your son will make a sight seeing tour they both will probably enjoy this very much !

Teresa said...

How funny. I actually recognize some of those from your the tide magic stick and maybe the bladder. Seems like that one was from a shopping trip you made with your friend P. I agree with Clara, where does the time go?????

Marci said...

How funny.... Sounds like you have a lot going on.

Thanks for the trick to keep my post at the top of my blog.

Ordinary Janet said...

Sounds like you have a busy month! Think you can post a pic of Roxy with her new haircut?

Moobear said...

Yep Marci and Janet, Moo has got far more going on right now than I like. I am so tired.
LOL, the google searches are a trip to say the least. They are the funniest part of blogging. I got three new ones I'll share.

1. spaghetti sauce from scratch

2. what meditation buddah did for getting rid of anger

3. claudia the cleaning lady

hehe, the last one shore ain't this Claudia.
Good day to all you good folks!

God Bless!