Saturday, October 21, 2006


More good news, I talked to Claudia earlier and she feels much better than she did yesterday. Due to back problems, she had to have some pain medication at the hospital yesterday, and was drowsy and woozy all afternoon after she got home. She told me that maybe by the first of the week she would be back to blogging. Isn't that great news?!!

This is probably going to be short today, I just finished raking leaves and I am tired! Raked for more than an hour, then stopped for lunch, and went back and finished. That was about 1 1/2 hours, and due to my own health issues that is about all I can handle at one time. That is why I try to rake the leaves as they are coming down, rather than waiting until the trees are bare. Besides, I just can't stand looking out and seeing the lawn covered in leaves, it just looks so much tidier after the leaves are all raked away.

Claudia and I talked about me starting my own blog, she is willing to help me (and I will need all the help I can get). She is really encouraging me and I am seriously thinking about it. I told her I needed a couple of weeks to finish up some things I have going on because I know I will need some time to get a blog up and running. I really think once I got it set up I would have, or make time, to blog and I've found since I have been filling in for Claudia, that I really do enjoy it. Everyone has been so nice, and has made me feel so welcome.

I'm on my way to meet my friend Judy for our walk; I walk with her on Saturday (usually during the morning hours) and I walk with my friend Nancy during the week. Nancy is still working so we start our walk at 5:45 p.m. We walk downtown, even when it is dark it is a very safe place and we are comfortable with it. I try to walk 3 miles 5 or 6 days a week, and I have met some very nice people on my walks. We always meet our "regulars", and sometimes we have to stop and have a brief chat. In fact, I met Judy and Nancy walking about 7 years ago, and we became good friends. There are a lot of good, nice people in this world, and I try to stay focused on that, rather than dwelling on all the bad things that go on all around us.

I plan to blog tomorrow, it will be sometime later tomorrow afternoon as it is usually after 2:00 before I get home from church. My church is about 35 minutes away, one of my sister's and her husband attend the same church, so usually after service we go to lunch before I head back home. That is nice, because I usually don't see her during the week....she lives very close to Claudia. My other sister lives about an hour away, so we don't see each other as much as we would like, but of course we e-mail and phone each other. My brother passed away suddenly about 3 1/2 yrs ago, that was one of the most terrible and hurtful times of my life. In fact, I still have times when it just hits me hard all over again. The good thing is I know he is in Heaven, and that means everything to us. In case you haven't guessed by now, me and my siblings were and are very close. To me, family is everything. I cannot imagine how brothers and sisters fight and bicker among themselves. Of course, when we were growing up we fussed and fought all the time, probably tried Mom's patience more than once. But once we became adults, we have never had a really harsh word between us. That is not to say that we all have our opinions and thoughts and of course they differ. But we respect and love each other.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week-end!


Ordinary Janet said...

Moobear better rest up, she has a lot to catch up!

and it's great you're getting your own blog! Have you thought of a name for it yet?

Anonymous said...

Janet, I'm still in the thinking stage right now, but I really do believe I will start my own blog. It will probably not happen for a couple of weeks, I just have so much going on right now that I need to get out of the way first. And I have been thinking about names, but haven't decided yet. I do not have a digital camera, and I think that will be a hindrance, however, Moobear does not have one either, so I know it's something that is not absolutely necessary. If, and when, I get a blog up I will let you know. I really appreciate all of your kind comments, and support during my time of filling in for Claudia.

Gattina said...

Happy about the news of Claudia ! It will take some time until she really feels well again.

But you ! Never tell me again your blog will be short ! Lol ! What would it be if you say it will be long ?

Anonymous said...

Gattina, I did get carried away, didn't I?!!

That Cleaning Lady said...

You're half way there already, you have an audience, and its very easy to set up your own blog. I'm happy that you get out and walk. Chris and I took an hour stroll around the area today, stopping to feed the horses along the way. Now that my broken ankle is healed up I feel more anxious than ever to get out there and walk. I guess I walk a couple miles a days working, then we try to get out every weekend and take long walks, hikes (which is where I broke my ankle). So thankful to Jesus that Claudia is back up and nearly on her feet again!! You'll have to start your own blog so we can keep up with the both of you!!