Saturday, October 14, 2006

why me?...

I feel just like I am a toothpick in a jumbo box of toothpicks and only get picked to do things that nobody else wants to do. I am by choice a person that will put off today what I can do tomorrow or next week or whenever. I am a procrastanator which I happen to think also should be spelled procrastinator. That I just learned, looking up how in the world do I spell such a word.

I may be strange cause I just love to hear my clock chime on every hour, specially at night when I cannot sleep. Welp I had to steal a battery outta my clock cause I was one battery shy of the two AA's that I needed badly just a while ago.

About 5 years ago I bought my husband one of them indoor, outdoor thermometers where you can tell the time, the inside temp and the outside temp. Of course he got hooked on it and to be honest, I did too. For two weeks now he has mumbled about not having no outside temp no more. Of all the smart folks in my family, why do it hafta be me to be the one to set that awful, aggravating, complicated, loveable thing. Of all people on this planet, a haggered old woman with no nerves left and it takes some serious concentration I am here to tell ya. why me???

First you gotta make sure you got enuf batteries cause the inside thingy takes 2 AA's and the outside sensor takes 3 AAA's, of which I normally have a good supply of, as my clock, my mouse, keyboard and many other things hafta use batteries. Well not today. I was shy that one AA battery and there was no way I was going out to buy one today. So then is when I stole that one outta my clock.

For you folks that have one of these gizmos, you can t totally relate to setting one of those suckers. You gotta wait 10 minutes with no batteries in either the remote or the sensor, then you must put the batteries in the sensor first! That was my first mistake. I did it bassackwards. Then you puttem in the remote and let them sit and communicate for 10 minutes before you dare touch either. After the 10 minutes, you are then allowed to set the clock if you swift and lucky. Once you ever get that done, then you gotta punch this and that and make it for F or C and we like fahrenheit over celsius. But if you happen to get the C instead of the F, you gotta start all over. It takes a good hour if you good at it and pricks ever nerve you got in your body in that hour.

I have decided there must be a newer style or one that is easier than this The Weather Channel one that we have. I also know now why my son Jeff and my friend P ain't never used theirs and I do not blame them a bit. I gave them both one many Christmas' back and I will be honest, I love them both, but I am not, ain't gonna set theirs for them.

Since my hubby paid for my medicine I had called in and he had to mow his mama's yard today, I thought I could at least run and pick it up, which I just did. I also thought since he had cooked so much lately and took us out to eat so much that I have some flounder thawing and I am gonna fry his all time favorite for supper tonight. Gonna fry him some fish, make some homemade french fries and homemade slaw for supper tonight! I actually thinks he deserves it, but I only commited to do it with the condition, that he be a backup in case I tuckered out in the midst of frying as I dearly hate frying most anything and it do take some time to fry a platter of fish!

I am sure you good folks really wanted to hear about my problems with my husbands pride and joy of a thermometer, but I just had to get it off my chest and sides you folks might know exactly what I am talking about and if you do, please back me up on the hassle of just how hard setting one is. Enjoy this wonderful and chilly day that the good Lord gave us.

Oh and Kevin and Silvia got in late last night due to a 3+ hour layover at JFK. Guess it was cause of all the snow in Buffalo and rerouting flights as an airport was shut down. So so glad they are safely home. I thank you Lord for giving them traveling mercies...

God Bless!


Grammie said...

I've got one of those inside/outside thermometers....and, I feel your pain, Claudia!
Dave finally got mine up and running again after several attempts spanning several weeks.
They are wondrous when they work...but, !$#&*#@! when they need to be recharged with new batteries...

Gattina said...

Hi Moo, I am back and happy it was such a beautiful trip !
These thermometers are quite funny, my father used to freeze or swet only after he had looked at in/outdoor thermometer ! There are a lot of people becoming slaves of that ! We have one too and before I go out I'll have a look just to know if I have to put a sweater on or not !