Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A loss for words?...

Welp, just blow my candle out! I am bout as outta sorts as my ole body will allow me. I went to the hospital to get my bloodwork done for the upcoming cath. But no, oh no, there was a problem. And no, I did not get my bloodwork done today. I thought a year with Mamsi insurance was one more nightmare til today. BTW, Mamsi has been banned in the state of North Carolina.

The honkie insurance company we have now will approve our high and mighty Stanly Regional Memorial Hospital (joke) but not their bloodwork. Now if that ain't a crock, please please tell me what is. I have met so many crocks in my life and after Mamsi insurance I surely thought I could master Cigna Insurance. Not today.

So the hospital is good enough to do my cath, but ain't up to Cigna's snuff to take and check my blood. The nice check you in girl had bout lined me up, til her uh oh got my attention. She said Cigna won't pay for this bloodwork to be done here, it gotta be done by Labcorp. Oh well I tolder I ain't driving to no Labcorp joint outta town as bad as I feel. I tolder I would just go to my family doctor and get them to do it and she said they might not can do all the things they want done and I tolder they could make up something for that part then.

So I gun it over to the doc's office and just as luck is spose to be with us Buntings, they were not open. Sign read, closed October 9-16. Whoopee!!! I turn the doorknob and walk right in. There sits two nurses, both on phones and my precious nurse Vickie was there. Vickie told me besides what she thought of all insurance companies in general, that to be there at 8:30 Monday morning and Liz would fix me up. I did feel a tad better and thanked them and gunned it on home. But I was not finished yet.

I called my new horror of an insurance company, Cigna and went through the maze of questions, that you gotta answer to a robot and never can they understand what you say, especially my words. I finally got hold of a living,breathing, human being and I asked why they would approve a hospital for a heart cath but not their bloodwork and that I did not like it worth a flying flip like she did!
Of course she had an awful good reason for it, but was not acceptable to me. Therefore I am on their complaint list to be forgotten, although she said it would be addressed with the higher ups. Yeah right! I won't born yesterday.

Like I tolder, what if I was to have to have surgery and they needed to take some blood, or something else the insurance won't cover, what they gonna do.? Uh oh, what we gonna do with this sleeping huzzy now?? Now, hearts are serious and I want my insurance to be serious and I told her that. I am proud though, that I did not get upset, nor talk ugly to her like I did with roadrunner cause I was selfish, I didn't want the grim reaper to get me back like it does when I allow myself to get too upset. She got the message and now I am gonna get some questions asked and answered fore they cath me if I make it til the 20th.

I am ashamed that I worked for an insurance company for enough years to draw a retirement check from them. They are all bad! But I doubt seriously I will mind getting that check every month when I turn 65. But then again, much more of this crap and I ain't gonna see 65. I am calm now although it might not come across that way. If I was irate I would not be able to sit here long enough to write you good folks.

That was the best bologna sandwich I had in a long time. I was literally starved when I got in and so was Roxy. Roxy knows when it is eating time around here , specially when I am cooking supper cause she knows Jerrell will be coming home soon. She relates the two events. She was soooo glad to see me when I got home and before I did any damage, I took her for a good walk and got my wits so as I wouldn't say something stupid or embarass Jerrell, but like he told Jeff on Sunday, he is getting so used to it, it really don't bother him much no more.

I did get to see two of Jeff and Kev's teachers in the waiting room. One was Kev and Jeff's basketball and baseball coach. Al asked about the boys and about reading about Kev in the paper. Of course I had to show them their pictures in their older age now. Also, the lady teacher rememberd my ex daughter-in-law, Steph, and talked of how helpful and smart she was in her class. Yeah them two teachers had me primed for a good day; so maybe that helped- along with my prayer for patience on the way there, make it through this morning with no bodily harm done. Kevin and Silvia will be home Friday, so I checked their itinerary again for what time they be gettin to Ohio on Friday. Not only is it Friday the 13th, their flight from JFK to Cleveland they are on seats 13A and 13B. Now ain't that another crock. I can't win for losing. So I am gonna shut up for now... but I will enjoy the rest of the day...

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Your insurance situation is sorry!
As far as the number is my lucky do not fret. It will be lucky for Kevin and Silvia too!
Deep breathing....and have a good rest of the day. : ) xoxo TN said...

Bless Your Heart!!!!! Don't you just love dealing with insurance companies? I've done enough of that in my lifetime to kill a horse. Bill and I had our bloodwork done this morning also. We had to be there at 8:00. This is the first time we have ever had to make an appointment for that. Now our Dr;s appointments are on the 23rd. That won't be long. Hang in there Claudia....when you get all of this over with, you are going to feel like a new woman.

Teresa said...

I'm sorry things didn't go as planned at the hospital, but you sure handled it well. I would have shot my mouth off and run up my blood pressure. Insurance companies are horrible. It seems like once a month I get a bill from a health care provider that I thought had been paid long ago by my insurance company. Enjoy the rest of the day with Roxy and Jerrell.

Moobear said...

Yeah grammie I am pushing it too, cause the Heart Group called this morning and said they HAD to have the results by Wed or cannot do cath on Friday, so I was assured by my nurse which I immediately called that they will get results to them by Wed. after I get it taken Monday morn.
A busy day here, did not have time even to post to blog.
Clara, hon I know you are out of town, but I hope yours and Bill's blookwork comes out ok and will think of you on the 23rd. Have a safe trip!
Hey teresa, I know how ya feel about insurance companies and the sad part is many folks are still working whereas they could retire if not for needing the insurance. Case in point. That is exactly why Jerrell is still working! Thanks hon.

God Bless!