Saturday, October 28, 2006

two uh oh's in one day...

I am really liking this feeling better! So much so that I even impressed myself with some fore thought which has been missing for a while. I used to always plan ahead sorta on my meals so I wouldn't draw a complete blank on any given day.

As I was still feeling pretty good yesterday til time for me and Jerrell to go to the grocery store, I had already conjured up in my mind several meals to carry us through the weekend and have happy leftovers on Monday. Now that I like!. Bring in- or go out- is our breakfast routine since I have been out of work, specially on Saturdays and now on Fridays too when Jerrell is home, which is becoming most every Friday now. Pickings of places is another story. We decided this morning to go back to an old joint we used to go to, drive all the way up there and they were standing in line. Nope, not today. We head back to town and hit a spot we ain't been in a while, find the one empty booth and down we sit. These booths are not for long legged folks like me. Welp the pedestal holding the table top you gotta straddle. Welp Jerrell dunning done that and there I am with no where to put my feet. I head to the right with one and kick Jerrell's left foot so I tuckem up under me, under my seat,but for restless legs that weren't gonna work. I kid you not, I got my foot hung tween the pedestal pole and the bench part and had to literally pull it out. We will not be going back there no more. We had ordered the special for today which was one scrambled egg, bacon and one cold pancake and a side order of toast cause Jerrell cannot or will not eat without bread.

All week, it is has been either cold, damp or rainy, so we love chili beans and according to what I thought- it was spose to be cool today and chili beans just sounded awful good to both of us. I get the necessary stuffsss for both chili beans or spaghetti as we was torn tween the two. Chili beans won out. Sooo we get up this morning, a simply beautiful day and here I sit in my t-shirt and shorts after just sheding my long pants and sweatshirt. We will eat the chili beans with some good ole garlic toast and most likely sweat a few bullets, but so be it. I also gotta pot of stew beef cooking for tomorrow, so we won't be lacking on no leftovers.

I just went to check my stew beef cause just about one more time of burning it would make for a really bad day. I noticed Jerrell is asleep in his recliner and his Saturday sidekick Roxy all laid out asleep too. Oh the good life, boy am I thankful for it. My brother called me a little bit ago and we got caught up on all the news and I feel better just hearing from him. I just might drag out my plastic punkin and put it on the porch so as folks won't know for a fact that I am a Halloween scrooge. One problem. I forget where it is. Oh well.
Enjoy your day folks and if its cold where you are, just think about us eating good ole chili beans.

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Hi Moo...Did you have any trouble publishing your blog today? I wasn't able to get mine online until just a bit ago. Something was down in the system I guess in that on the help page there were over a hundred complaints about it.

It is so nice having you back blogging again....Your spirited posts always make me smile....enjoy those chili beans with Jerrell and take care! : )

Moobear said...

Did I ever grammie! After trying about 5 times, I just waited for about 45 minutes and tried again and it worked fine. I bet there were lots of complaints at the help site.
Thank ya, we gonna enjoy them!
Thanks for stopping by, I just left your place. :) TN said...

I had trouble posting today. I thought it was just me, since I didn't look at the help page. But finally, I posted another barn picture. Claudia, those chili beans sound awfully good to me. We went to Bill's mother's today and they had a big pot of soup . That's what we had for lunch. I have pinto beans left over from yesterday so I guess we will be eating those for supper some chicken I baked in the oven.

Moobear said...

Hi Clara,
I didn't look at the help page either, I was like you, I assumed it was just me. :)
Yeppers, the chili beans hit the spot. I could eat homemade vegetable soup every day of the week I think. I just love it! I am glad to hear that you folks eat pintos. I guess I would have to hang a "closed" sign in my kitchen if Jerrell didn't like pintos. They are good left over too. Jerrell likes them better than any other dried bean. The baked chicken sounds good Clara. You cook our kinda eating friend.
Take care and have a good evening.

God Bless!

Gattina said...

Hi Moo, for 3 days I put comments on your blog, but they never showed up. Hope this one will work. Blogger must have a problem again. I were telling you how happy I am that you are feeling each day better and I hope you will jump around like a young frog in a short while ! If you are talking about beans again (lol) then you really must feel good. I am very much involved to dig out Halloween origins and finally could come out with some history on my blog. Yesterday for the second time there were a Halloween party in our parc and I have never seen so many little witches, devils and skulls. When my son was a child it didn't exist at all.

Ordinary Janet said...

Sounds like a nice, peaceful weekend with a minimum of cooking fuss!

Who cares what the neighbors think? If you don't want to decorate, that's your decision. I don't put any decorations up except for Christmas.

Teresa said...

Pinto's, corn bread, and an onion were part of almost every meal my Mom made when we were little ones. I remember my Dad always wanting a glass of buttermilk with his. I don't know how he drank that stuff, I never could stand it except in cooking. Enjoy those chili beans!

That Cleaning Lady said...

Dinner sounds great! We have beans once a week if someone remembers to put them to soak! Chris adds vegies to the beans so it's more of a soup with beans, which I like a lot.
When we make vegie soup, I love to toss in some okra and some tomatos, I can't get fresh okra on this side of the country though, so have to settle for canned, but I love the flavor all the same!
I'm THRILLED and SO THANKFUL that you are feeling better! Thanks to Jesus for finding you a decent doctor!!!!
I didn't get to have trouble with the web today, I had the terrible Fay with me for last night and most of today, and wanted to share with you! She's finally named me! I'm MEEMEE!!

Moobear said...

Ingrid, it musta been blogger. You know how that goes.

I hear ya Janet, I never did find my plastic punkin so I ain't too worried about it.

Hey Jana,
Thanks hon for your comments and I am just really liking this feeling better myself!

Take care all!