Thursday, October 12, 2006

My today...

This has been a busy day for me and I am both grateful and thankful for this day. I am in awe of how good some folks in my life are to me. I have always heard it said, "to have a friend, you must be a friend", so I take that at face value. I have been blessed with many friends throughout my life and I consider friendships as priceless. I ain't that much, but my friends shore are!

I consider myself lucky to have true friends. Of course, I am no different than nobody else, as all of you good folks have friends. I have just recently stopped long enough to not take my friends lightly. Friendships are made, but it takes two to tango. I also have many acquaintances as you good folks do too. I do not mean that I have ever taken them for granted, but certainly have not always taken the time to tell them just how much I love and appreciate them like I maybe should have.

I have one of the best used to be daughter in laws in the whole world. I am getting to not like that ex word. You folks have heard me mention Stephanie, who was married to our youngest son Jeff and also the daughter that I never had. She emailed me and told me that she would be glad to take me for my heart cath or fix dinner one night for me and Jerrell. She was just wanting to do something. Can you imagine how good that made me feel? To know that youngun still loves me and that email meant more to me than she can ever know. Which reminds me, I gotta email her again since she was right on the lady teacher's name that I met yesterday. She can make an out of this world pineapple upside down cake and I told her when the dust settles, maybe she could just bring me a BIG slice of one of her cakes when she makes one again.
That sweet thing emailed and said she would see that I gotta cake. Yeah, she is my friend and my daughter I never had! I love you Steph.

I just gotta tell ya what my friend Paulette did. P knew I was on the hunt for a robe and she called me yesterday and told me that she had a brand new one that was just too warm for her as she is hot natured and I am very cold natured. Although she is getting a bit more normal in the last year or so. It was just so pretty and on sale, that she just bought it. She said I am gonna get a flu shot in the morning at 10 and then I will drive to Albemarle and bring you the robe, I feel sure you can wear it. Now she was gonna drive 30 minutes down and 30 minutes home just to bring me that robe. And believe me- P do have some nice duds. I just could hardly believe she would do that for me. So we were set for today.

She called a bit after 10 this morning to tell me she was on the road. It is bout the prettiest robe I ever seen, got colors of the rainbow, with white satin like stripes tween the colors and it is chinelle like I like with the big patch pockets. I got plum cited and cannot wait til tonight to put it on. Welp, in the meantime I had already inducted P into the LLBean Club as she liked the things I had ordered and she was now the proud owner of an LLBean credit card where you don't hafta pay no tax or shipping. So she had seen a robe on the LLBean website; so since I ain't got her no birthday present yet and it is the 20th, the day of my cath, I tolder I would order it for her for her birthday cause I had no idea what to get her, nor felt like going to no stores. So she is tickled and will get it mid week, just in time for her birthday.

We go out to eat lunch as we are short on time cause I hafta get my hair done at 2 on Thursday. Welp we went to the Japanese eating joint where we like to eat and had an outstanding meal, til I got choked on my steak! A first for me in my 62 years, wouldn't go up, wouldn't go down and I couldn't breathe and I didn't know that P did not know how to do the hemlich, until P stood up and asked if she needed to get some help and I shook head, YEAH. By that time and thank goodness I did not cause no uproar I sorta pulled a Ordinary Janet and gagged it into a napkin. Scuse the grossness, but this IS what happened. My only hope is that P remembers watching Jerrell show her how to do it after we got home. That is about a totally helpless feeling with no air going in or out. I shall chew morely and slowly next time!

So friends are great and I just wanted to share these two friends of mine with you and the kindness and love that some folks have and wonder why and how I deserve such wonderful people in my life. I guess the good Lord knows best and helps those that can't help themselves. Thanks P and you did say you were gonna make some tuna salad to take to Denise's tomorrow and maybe drop some off here... :):) She makes the best I ever ate, the next best is another friend of mine, the beach bum friend Love you P!

Yeah I am running late, Jerrell is mowing the yard and he already told me, just me and him was going out to eat tonight. We are beyond tired of eating at that place that his mama likes so good, so we gonna slip one on her tonight and eat somewhere and something that we like, just for a change, ya know. I am outta breath and outta words so I am shutting down for now, so all you good folks, if you haven't already, letchie friends know just how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them, cause when you get old like me, you don't have as much time as you used too and probably like me, don't wanna leave no stones unturned. Have a great day. I am, fore the cold weather gets here tomorrow night!...

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you like the robe. I know now why it was still hanging in my was just waiting for you. If you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed giving it to you all is well!!
Love you, and you know my thoughts and prayers will be with you on the 20th.

Happymama said...

I love your "I love my friends" sign. We love you too, Moobear!!! :)


Moobear said...

{{{{Hugsssssss}}}}} P !

Thank you Kristi!I was messing round, which I do lots of and ran across a place where I could make things, so I just made it say what I wanted it to. :):)
And know what? I love ya'll too!

God Bless!

That Cleaning Lady said...

You're one of the first people I "met" on the blog (through Ron at Under the News) so I'm happy that we're friends, and that you'll take a bit of hawking about your smokes... someday you'll quit, even if it's ONLY for that cutey doctor. =-).
Take care and don't let them do anymore than necessary to you at that darn hospital.

Moobear said...

that cleaning lady, I do hope you never have any serious health problems because you will surely die. Water and sea salt will not cure heart problems, but the God given ability of experts commonly known as doctors can surely do procedures that save lives and many times make one's life much easier to live. I do hope when arthritis sets in your foot and leg from unproper care that you have a good supply of water and sea salt.I am thankful that God gave doctors the knowledge to help others and that he gave me knowledge enough to know when I need to go to one. Water will not give you peace and remove inner anger and bitterness either, but the love and grace of God will.
May God bless you and keep you safe...

God Bless!