Wednesday, October 04, 2006

oh well...

I am only a day behind which for those that do not know me personally, that is quite par for my course. More realistic is I am always behind if only for an hour. That is just me. Although with what I deal with I am mighty proud of me, especially today. I am having a week of appointments for different things and I intend to squeeze you folks a post in today whether I get any lunch or not.

Roxy is just absolutely adorable with her fresh haircut. After having her face clean shaved last time, we noticed her moustache was growing out stiff sorta like a man's beard do. So this time around, we said she needs to look like the Yorkie that is quite apparently overiding the Poo in her. Me and Jerrell are having to refrain from just sqeezing the life outta her as she is so very pretty. Janet, hon I will answer your comment here, believe me, if I had a camera I would post a picture of Roxy as she looks right now, but since I can't, then I won't. Consider yourselves lucky I reckon, cause I would have a picture blog no doubt! Maybe one day...

Welp I got a phone call yesterday morning of a cancellation at the dentist office, which btw yesterday was my only day off this week. So why not, I said yes I will take it and get that much taken care of. I like the dentist as I can just relax and let them do their thing. I told Mark I would resting and he best not hurt me cause I would holler. He did not have the allotted amount of time as my other appointment, so he changed the order of the plan. Not only did he fill the teeth I was most concerned about, but he asked me if I would like for him to bond the front tooth that had darkened due to the root canal way back when and I roused up and said yeah, so- on with the work he went. An emergency came up in the other room, so I had to get another keep from hurting shot and I once again go back to relaxing. After he finished, he handed me the mirror and I was shocked. Not only were all my teeth the same color, he had bonded part of the one side of that one and just for a brief moment, I actually felt like Marilyn Monroe. I bragged on him all the way to the payee place and already looking forward to going back. It is amazing how far all things have come in these days, but dental business is up to snuff on it all.

I finally found out that an appointment had been made the day I went to my family doctor last week. My doc thought the other doc would call me and vice versa, so if I had not called my doc on Monday, I woulda never knowed I had that appointment. Even my nurse said I do, I do understand why you ain't a happy camper right now and to be honest I would not be happy either.

So at 1:30 today I will consult Dr. Beard with the Heart Group of the Carolinas and see if and when I get the heart catherization. Although I have no control on nothing, one way or the other, I hafta admit I am and have been quite apprehensive and anxious and having GAD anyways I have been hyped to the hilt all week. I need a day off with just me and Roxy and hoping it will come sooner than later. Please remember me today in your thoughts and prayers so that I can and will accept whatever he decides and remember to take a day at a time and minute by minute, but still enjoy it, cause all those minutes are my life and I am so thankful for even having to be concerned about this, as that means I am still here and thinking rational. Not that Jerrell could totally agree with the thinking part. He does get asked a lot of questions that he thinks I should not have to ask. But that he listens and hears the questions is good...whether he replies or not.

Oh and it a beautiful fall day here today! Roxy and I just walked a good long walk for us and we saw the birds, the squirrels and all her other favorites of which I do not know what they could possibly be. She is so happy and so am I . Until later......

God Bless!


Gattina said...

Of course I will think of you ! But please don't describe dentist visits anymore I shivered !!
It's a real pitty that you don't have a camera to show us Roxy as a fresh star !

Ordinary Janet said...

I didn't see this yesterday-how'd it go?

I really, really want to see a pic of Roxy! Everybody loves pictures-can't you borrow someone's camera? Pretty please??

Happymama said...

Sorry to hear about your heart Cath. I'll certainly be praying for you. Our family has been through that with my Dad.

I am feeling MUCH better these days. Hubby came down with the cold too so I've been nursing him back to know how men are when they're trying to homeschool the kids. So I've been really busy and haven't had too much time to comment on many of my favorite blogs. I'll try to do better though. I have been reading them. Just haven't taken the time to comment as much as usual for all that is going on here.

Glad you stopped by and commented on Thimble Thoughts. I'll see you again soon. And I'll change the color of my last post. I thought it might be too bright for some, so you confirmed that for me. Thanks.


Moobear said...

Hey ya'll!
Thanks for the comments and I sure do appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Ingrid this day has been so busy that I have not even gotten to read your blog today.
Janet, there is a picture of Roxy in Moo's Pictures on the sidebar. One of she and I but it is a year old. Right off hand I do not know anyone I could get to take a pic, but maybe I will see if Jim has a camera, bet he does.
Kristi, glad you are back to blogging, I was really afraid you were sick. Plz remember me on the 20th. I sure appreciate you all.

God Bless!