Friday, October 27, 2006

sure I should...

I was hesitant to mention this, but after all that has happened, not only would it not be fair, it just wouldn't be right. I have always had a fear of saying some things as often times they come back to haunt me or I end up having to eat them.

This is different for me. I did not know just how bad I was feeling until now. I want you folks to know that yesterday and today I have literally felt the best that I have felt in months and I also want to say that I firmly believe it is because of all the prayers of my friends and family. I also think with the lead of the good Lord the doctor's have the right combination of my medications that are working together to help me. I understand that medicine takes a period of time to get into your system in order for it to really be effective. So a week ago today I started my new medicine and in addition to upping the milligrams of another and I want to thank the Lord for helping me because I am totally so much better that I would not be content nor happy with myself without giving credit to the Lord for his mercies and touching my body and giving me the help I so much needed.

I also feel like thanks are in order for you folks that read my blog. I know many of you folks have had me in your thoughts or prayers and all those and the encouraging comments and emails were more appreciated than you will ever know. I really have not felt like blogging for the past few months and I know I will still have bad days, but hopefully not terrible days like I have had lately. Thanks for your patience.

Jerrell and I just got back from the grocery store and there is a deal going on where if you spend $45 for 6 of 8 wks and keep the receipts you get a $20 gift certificate for Thanksgiving and then usually they do it again before Christmas. I told Jerrell I had always heard that you got better fore you died, so I toldem maybe that is what is happening. He said, well then maybe you better tell me how to cook a turkey, ya know, just in case. :) Ain't planning on one for Thanksgiving so I will just take the $20 off a week's grocery bill. Now Christmas, if Kevin and Silvia is in, yeah we just might have a turkey since they love it and can eat on it for days and that for sure I can like!

The plan this year is, should we have the entire family together is for Jerrell to assist me in cooking this year. Silvia is Chinese and she ain't a whole lot of help as she only cooks Chinese and I do try to have some American things that she likes and turkey is one thing she likes, specially the parts that when Jerrell carves the turkey, he puts in a pile to throw away. She says that is the best parts so there ain't no waste on our turkeys!

On our last visit to Ohio they cooked an outstanding meal. Cynthia, although she is only 10 is a big help, she knows how to wash, prepare and get the green vegetables ready to cook. Kevin does most of the cooking as he gets home much earlier than Silvia. I admit I was leary of them unknown green veggies, but the entire meal was outstanding. Authentic Chinese is quite different from Jin Jin's or some joint like that around our town. Course some things Kevin cannot eat and once there was something in a pot and he told us not to take the lid off the pot. Hey don't worry bout me. It musta been bad for Kev to not be able to look at it, but then we ain't Chinese.

Sides talking about all this food makes me think of these extra pounds I have put on in the last year. My normal weight for the past 25 years has been 145 lbs which is about norm for a 6 foot tall old lady. Welp when colitis struck, I lost down to 119 and that was a bit thin. So I knew I had room to eat and also bout the time my body started the sweet crave. Needless to say, I began to gain and I didn't give a thought to stopping until I got to 170 lbs and had no clothes to wear. I am now down to 163 and really want to get back to my norm of 145 so I can quit buying larger sizes and get back in the ones I miss wearing so bad.
I can do it, but without exercise, it ain't quite as easy.

It is still raining here and suppose to continue through the weekend. I prefer the sunshine, but I am just happy to be here and refuse to complain about the rain as I feel like I have come a long way baby.
Hope all you good folks have a good day. I'll leave you with a thanks, a bunch of hugs and more later...

God Bless!

6 comments: TN said...

Oh, I'm glad you are feeling better. I could tell you were by the way you "sounded" when you did your blog today. God is Good....All The Time.

Teresa said...

I completely agree with Clara - God is good. Glad you are feeling so much better. I have an adopted Chinese daughter, and I've met many Chinese folks because of her. You are right, authentic Chinese food is not what we get in restaurants here. And sometimes, like Kevin said, it's better not to look in the pot!!!!

Gattina said...

I am so happy that you feel much better ! you will see slowly, slowly every day it will be better and then you can jump around like a frog ! The best and real chinese food I ever had was in San Fransisco's Chinatown, in a obscure little restaurant, where a friend took us, there were no cuttlery around and my poor Ric just got a twisted 100 years old fork as he cannot eat with sticks. What a laughter !
I am decorating my blogs with Halloween stuff, maybe that sounds completely childish to you, but for me it's the first time and I learned a lot about Halloween these days. I had never thought that it is such a big feast in the States ! and I didn't know all the customs which go along with it. I took my knowledge out of Wikipedia and am busy to write for Sunday, how it's over here.

Marci said...

I will praise the Lord with you for feeling better. It is NO FUN to not feel well. I learned that lesson last year. I pray that you get better even yet. May the Lord bless your day today!!!

Ordinary Janet said...

Glad you're feeling so much better!

I don't want to speculate out loud what was in that pot Kevin wouldn't look into.

By all means have some help cooking a big meal! Get the guys up from in front of the football game and put them to work.

I'm half a foot shorter than you and I still weigh more than you!

How is Roxy?

Moobear said...

Welp since Blogger won't publish my post, I will give the comments a shot.

So many thanks to all of you, clara and marci, you are so right God is good and marci at times I feel like I fail in praising him enough. Also teresa, yes he is good, just look at the wonderful daughter you have. And yes Chinese food is quite different than the restaurant foods. God Bless you for caring and adopting your daughter.
Gattina, hon I ain't down on Halloween for a minute, I am just so thankful I don't hafta do all that stuff since my boys are grown. I never meant to appear to down on those that do. That is just not me.
And my dear friend Janet, thank you so much for getting my curosity up on just whadda could been in that pot. How bout emailing me just what you think it was. Peeze :P Gimme time hon, I apt to catch you in weight fore long. :)
Thank you all for putting up with my nonsense and never, ever take me too seriously as I have been known to pull a leg or two.
I do not take my faith or my saviour lightly, but pretty much other stuff I do make light of once in a great while. :P~
Bless you all!