Thursday, October 26, 2006

maybe I'm just different...

I dunno bout you folks but I will be so glad when Halloween is over. Seems like this year it is scary everywhere you go. Now don't get me wrong, I love a punkin as good as the next person. After all you can make some good ole punkin pies with all that stuffsss from that punkin and that is some good eating.

I guess I am a Halloween Scrooge, but I ain't never got too excited over it. Sure we took our sons trick a treating when they were small, back when you didn't have to feel like the candy needed to be scanned before you lettem eat their goodies. We all know that the parents always slipped into their goodie poke and ate what we wanted. Actually us old folks could go like the kids do and we wouldn't need no costumes, but then no money would be made and that would be banned quickly.

My sons were not overly thrilled at the idea, but oh did they like to go to the fair. Oh me, oh my, how I hated that. I got out of it as often as I could as usually Jerrell and their papaw had that pleasure. Not too many years of the fair, we found that our frugile sons had much rather have money than to go to the fair, so Jerrell just paid them not to go. That worked out fine for a long time. Kevin always hoarded his money and Jeff was like his mama, lived for the moment and spent it like there was no tomorrow.

I do like the concept of Christmas as it is a day set aside for the birth of Christ and when families get together and have a good meal and just chill out. Now the present buying and the cooking I do not like, never have and never will. Of course early on in our marriage, Jerrell's mom did lots of the meals, but as her health faltered it fell on Moo to do it all. Jerrell has already been primed to know that he will be in charge this Christmas.

Thanksgiving has never been that big a day for us as we are still geared up and worn out from the hassle of the upcoming Christmas to- do preparations. We ain't no great big turkey eaters no how, so it works out pretty good cause I ain't hankering no turkey for Thanksgiving and turn around and have it again at Christmas. Now I know we are not the norm. Not at all, I am just telling you how its done here at our joint. I can eat turkey the first meal that is eaten when it is right outta the oven and after that it takes on a gawd awful funky taste that I just cannot like.

Since Kevin has been away from home for so many years he misses the foods of Moos and some things he never gets anymore. He always has loved BBQ that the fire departments have in the fall every year, so it now as become a tradition that we buy extra barbeque and freeze it for the now routine Christmas Eve meal. We just pick up slaw, buns, hot sauce and sit down and see who can eat the most and Kev usually wins that contest as he dearly loves it.

Kevin has missed only two Christmases at home since he has been gone. Moo takes advantage of that only in the fact that I may or may not have a tree and decorate. It all depends on what I feel like doing at the time. We have even had a few Christmases where we did not exchange gifts except for little Cynthia, as in my opinion Christmas and Santa and all that is for the little ones. She gets way more things than she needs, but she is a kid and Grandma Claudia, Grandpa Jerrell and Uncle Jeff wants to get Cynthia something for Christmas.
I hafta admit I do enjoy these times much more than the hassled ones.

Young and in love took precedence over common sense when we got married. Never, ever get married on Christmas Eve! May as well forget getting acknowledged for surviving all the years and the pocketbooks are empty from Christmas so you ain't gonna get no anniversary gifts. But that's ok, cause I ain't big on gettin no how, had far rather give. But it is something I would have done differently.

Easter was another sorta take or leave event. Oh yeah they had their baskets and eggs. Oh Kevin loved to dye eggs, but Jeff could have cared less. After all he didn't see no need in prettying up something that he knowed he won't gonna eat. I of course, just went along for the ride. We did only what and only to the extent of what the boys wanted to do. As long as they were happy, we certainly were.

Dunno about where you folks are, but the rains are a coming our way. I ain't real excited and for sure Roxy ain't cause she is a lady that will not drop her little butt in no wet grass to pee pee. She is a lady after all. But don't think she goes forever without tinkling somewheres. I shudder to think.

Hope all you good folks have a great day...until...

God Bless!


Teresa said...

I am so glad you are back. Paulette was great, but I missed your humor. Please rest and take care of yourself.
About holidays, Thanksgiving is my favorite. The entire family gets together and eats and eats and eats....eating happens to be my favorite sport. There's no bid hoopla like at Christmas. Just family and food. And I do love pumpkin and pecan pies! TN said...

I like Thanksgiving and Christmas more than I do Halloween. I probably will put a pumpkin on my front porch for my fall decoration and that will be all. Thanksgiving, I love the cooking part. That is when I really like to cook ~ when all the family are together. Lisa always comes home with her family and Gary is already here and we always go after Bill's Mama for the Thanksgiving meal.
Claudia, want to come eat with me?

Ordinary Janet said...

I don't like Halloween anymore either, it's fun to see the little ones but then the really big kids come around and they don't bother to dress up. Last year an elderly couple got assaulted by teenagers, so we're going to shut off the porch light at 8 and lock up tight when the official trick or treating is over. I guess if you live in an area where there isn't much crime, it's okay, but not for us.

We have ham at Christmas, because we're tired of turkey!

Gattina said...

For once I missed your blog and you are back !! Welcome blog home ! So glad that all went smooth. I looked at the album from Austria and recognized most of it except Vienna of course, which I only know from pictures.
Compared what's going on with Halloween in the States and even here on blogs we are poor orphans ! But I like it especially to decorate my blog with Haloween stuff (the child in me) !
Thanksgiving of course, is not celebrated at all here, Christmas yes, but as you say without small children it's better to sleep it over. This year we will go to Egypt for Christmas and New Year in the sunshine, otherwise we would sit at home alone and this idea gets me already depressed. My son is in Thailand at that time.

Marci said...

I love Thanksgiving. It is a time when you can sit down with folks and talk about all the blessings the Lord has put in your life. Some of these people won't even let you talk about that at other times. We know one family that has a Thankful jar. All year long when something happens, they write it on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. On Thanksgiving Day, they open the jar and read all the wonderful things from the past year and are reminded a fresh and anew what God has done for them.

That Cleaning Lady said...

Welcome back!! I'm so happy to SEE you!! Paulette did a fine job, but I've missed you a bunch.
Holidays are something we're not interested in, if you feel like checking out "Get Off The Phone", you'll see what I mean, no reason to go on and on in YOUR blog!! Happy to know that Jerrell and Roxy made it OK too. Talk to you soon!!

Moobear said...

I behind in my comments, but all have been and are appreciated. I do like Thanksgiving in which I do give thanks to the good Lord for all his blessings and also for Christmas cause that is the celebrated birthday of my Lord and saviour and I tell ya, I don't know how folks makes it without his help and his love.I can't nor do I want to.
For Halloween, it is just a day for kids IMO. They like it and as long as they are safe tricker treating, then I say make them younguns happy!
Thank all of ya'll.

Roxy is just fine and Paulette is at a hot air balloon thingy in Statesville. She is always on the go. :)

God Bless!