Monday, October 23, 2006


Today is pretty much a typical fall day, right now it is 54° and the local forecast for tonight is 32°. It is also a little windy, which makes it feel quite chilly. I had planned on raking more leaves, but unless the wind dies down I don't think that will be possible.

Since I couldn't rake leaves this morning I decided to run errands. My church always does the Operation Christmas Child shoebox, so I needed to start getting that together; we need to have them at church no later than Nov 12th. I went to Dollar General, I always get more than I can put in a shoebox, but today I came up a little short. I still need a couple more items and my box will be finished. Hooray!!

I also had to go by the drugstore to pick up my blood pressure medicine, I went to the library (can't stand to be without anything to read) and then I decided to go ahead and vote early. That is now out of the way, and I will not have to be bothered with it in November. I love the early voting, I have done this for the past several elections and for me it works really well.

I have heard from Claudia, she had stomach and back pain last night. She thinks this may be related to gallbladder issues since she ate fried, fatty food yesterday. Both my sisters have had their gallbladders removed, and athey cannot tolerate fats, nor fried foods. I must have a stomach of iron, I love hot, spicy foods and have no trouble with them! Anyway, she took medicine and it helped with the pain. At least it was not an angina attack, hopefully the medicine will help with those.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

3 comments: TN said...

Thanks for the update on Claudia. I pray she continues to improve. It is also chilly here in Bristol. My husband and I had appointments with our Dr's. and I couldn't wait to get back home out of the wind. Keep up the good blogging Paulette. You are doing great.

Ordinary Janet said...

Ouch, I've had gallbladder trouble, hope you feel better tomorrow, Claudia!

What book did you get at the library?

It's cold here, too, we might get snow flurries tonight! It's too early!

Anonymous said...

Clara - Thanks for the comment.
Janet - Actually, I got several books: Teacher Man - Frank McCourt
Toxic Bachelors - Danielle Steel
Mother of Pearl - Melinda Haynes (an Oprah's Book Club selection)
Summer by the Sea - Susan Wiggs
Shem Creek - Dorothea Frank Benton
My sister tells me I read light, fluffy stuff; that is just what I like. I do like novels with a historical background. She reads to "improve" her mind, guess mine doesn't need it, or most likely, my mind is so far gone there is no hope of improving it!