Sunday, October 08, 2006

our pets...

I have read a lot of blogs in my short time of blogging and it seems like most all of the blogs which I read regularly have a pet; either a dog or a cat and sometimes both! Also, not that a study has been done, that I know of, but think its a great idea if there was one done, but I am of the firm belief that pet owners are by far happier folks than those that choose for whatever reason not to have a pet. This is only my opinion. Having been a dog owner for the last 26 years, I am believing that pet owners as a whole are much more content and happy with their life and in their life. When I feel at my worst, my little Roxy can make me feel like I am the best and the only person in her life when I hold her and talk with her. She is used to just me and Jerrell being here and the quietness we too enjoy. She is not used to loud talking and least of all hollering. I am sorry I exposed that side to little Roxy and to Jerrell as I did, I did get angry, very angry yesterday after being on the phone with my cable server about this pc. I was fine with the first person, who turned me over to the most hateful person I have talked with in a long time. I have not had nor expressed such anger since way back in the 70's and tho I had calmed down til I got to the 5th person for Road Runner which was a supervisor. I was worn out til I got to him, so since my pc has not been working right for a week, yet another tech is coming out in the morning. AND if this one does not follow up on his fixings, then I was given a number to call and report him. I do not want to have to do this, so am hoping for some help instead.

Jerrell and Roxy stayed their distance and even took a long walk. After I had fizzled out, I felt better, but my pc still won't no better, I shortly took little Roxy and we all went to bed. Now that little precious thing knows when Moo doesn't feel good and she is even more loving if that is possible.

For some reason, unknown to me or Jerrell, Roxy just does not like Mrs. Bunting anymore. Now Mrs. Bunting would not hurt as much as a fly. hehe...did ya hear that Janet? :) So we have no idea why she tucks her tail and stares at her the entire time she is here. On the other hand with Jeff, she gets overly excited, meets him at the door like she do me and Jerrell when we coming home, she sugars him unlimited times and he pets and talks to her just like Mrs. B, Roxy will jump up on his lap and keep on sugaring. But Mrs. B, she jumps on either mine or Jerrell's lap. Not that we are worried about it, but wonder why the change. She is not loud, does repeat herself, but Roxy is very smart (dog smart).

So needless to say, she was one more happy dog today when they both left and here was the now appreciated quiet time for the rest of the day. It is now 3:00 and I told Jerrell about an hour ago that I didn't care what time it was, what day it was or if somebody did come, I felt like my britches and my other binding things that us women folks hasta wear hasta come off and my jammers are going on. So here I sit, in my jammers and robe so comfortable and enjoying only the klick of these keys.

Last look into the den, Jerrell was asleep in his recliner and Roxy was asleep in my recliner. I wish I could sleep during the day, but a napper I ain't never been. Too busy being anxious I reckon. I think I would enjoy reading now that I am older and I love to read blogs, BUT nothing fiction, so I thought yesterday about getting ole Nancy Grace's book out and read it, since I only read the first chapter last year when I bought it. I had put the book and the autographed picture away and now for the life of me cannot find that dang book. I am so bad to put something where I will be sure and know where it is and then forget where the place is that I wouldn't forget. Ain't no other books here, just some Beaner catalaogs and I shore don't need to order no more clothes, shoes or anything else for another 10 years.

Although they do have some awful pretty doggie sweaters that I would just love to get Roxy, cause she do wear a sweater thingy when it cold cold and she has had a haircut, cause she literally shivers out there. Other than that and a new robe, I do not need a thing. I wouldn't need a robe if I wasn't told to bring one along with my bedroom shoes when I go to the hospital for the cath and my robe is far from any braggin rights and I have seen street folks wear better than this robe. It has been a good one and I would love to have another one just like it. I like terry cloth ones with big patch pockets and they are not be found as I have looked. I will not buy anything that does not have pockets. No way at all. I hafta have pockets or they will not enter my house.

I am looking forward to the cath after yesterday morning and this morning. I thought the last 4 angina attacks that I had a few weeks back were bad, but the one yesterday and this morning made me wish I had taken up on the one for this coming Friday instead of the next, although I do really really like this doctor and feel like he will find my problem and get me some relief and get me out of my misery. At least Jerrell was home this morning, yesterday I just had Roxy, but she was such a comfort to me, dogs have a way of knowing when something is wrong and I am so thankful that I ran across her and now she is our dog. They are with ya through the good and the bad, would it not just be wonderful if real folks could be that faithful some times? Course most all my friends would be here in a NY minute if they knew I needed them, but I don't want to bother nobody. I got Roxy to calm me and the good Lord to help me deal with it, so .... so far, so good.

I completely jumped course today I think, but the point I was trying to make is, that folks like grammie, Ingrid, Janet to name a few of my bloggin friends all have pets and they are fun, happy folks and Sally, she got a robotic dog that she loves and makes her happy, so it must be good for your mental well being and outlook on life. I am not sure about clara, but I just about bet she do have a cat or a dog. I'll just hafta ask her. Cause if she has mentioned one, I musta missed it.

It is plum right cold to me here today. Next weekend we spose to have frost, so that means Jerrell will be toting flowers in at our house and it takes a good hour at Mrs. B's to get all of hers to her basement. I am responsible for two flowers and by crackie I gotta bloom one on my two peace lilies and I have been known to forget those two plants. Long story on one of them and the other was from when my uncle died in 1993 so I ain't done too bad. Cept the other one is twice as little as it was when I got it, but its leaves shine and it still pretty.

I don't count for much lately, but when the doc gets me fixed, I will be able to do more things and live a more normal life ...I hope... hope you good folks have a good evening... Enjoy your pets, cause they do love you unconditionally!

God Bless!


Grammie said...

Hi Claudia....I am back from Pittsburgh and just caught up on your blog postings.

I can't wait for the 20th so that you can get this catherization over with and get to feeling better.

I couldn't agree with you more about pet people! In fact, the first thing I did when I got home from the airport was pick up my sweet Gizmo and hold her until she started purring with joy. And, tonight she will have me home again to share the bed with. : )

Please take care....xoxo Grammie TN said...

You guessed right!!!! I have two cats and one dog. "Puddy Cat" is sixteen years old and he sleeps on a heating pad in the winter time......outside in his little house with a light. The other one (Otis).... he is solid black so I call him Black Otis....thinks he is a human. He sleeps in the house and goes from our bed to Gary's bed all night long. He seems to like Bill better than anybody because he lets him get under the cover and up close to his back.
The dog is white....a mixture of German Shepherd and something. He is beautiful. Our neighbors fell in love with him and they come and get him and take him riding in their truck and buy him hamburgers. He even has a dog house over at their place. His name is Sam I Am....but I call him Sam. He is a sweetie!!!!
Well, that's the story of my animals....Couldn't do without them!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Claudia--

Aha! It's not often I find bloggers about my age (63)! I love my pets, too. I think God uses them to show us what unconditional love is.

Ordinary Janet said...

Hope you're taking it a bit easy and it won't be long now till the cath.

I think my whle outlook on life has improved since I got Spot. We hadn't had a dog since 1980 when my first dog had to be put down, she was old and failing. It upset me and Mom so much that we didn't want another dog till I got Spot. now I don't know what I'd do without him. I think a pet gives you something to focus on besides yourself.

I have a plaid flannel bathrobe that I bought in the men's department (becuase they were cheaper than the ladies' robes) about 15 years ago, it's shin length, which is both good and bad since I tend to trip over the floor length ladies' robes and the bad is that my legs get cold in winter. But I love that robe. My mom used to have a corduroy robe she had since I think before I was born, that thing literally fell apart and she couldn't sew it back up anymore. We looked all over for a replacement but I guess there isn't much demand for a corduroy robe. And I agree with you on pockets-I have to have them too! I get my sweatpants in the men's department because the women's sweatpants don't have pockets. Where are you supposed to put your tissues?

Moobear said...

Welcome back grammie, we sure have missed you! Please remember me on the 20th as I am really apprehensive about this one Laurie.
Clara, what can I say, I am not surprised at you having pets and they are sure lucky to have you for their owner. Bless you clara.
My new friend,Judy, it is so good to meet ya, I appreciate your visit and comment. I get so much out of your blog, I wish I had found it sooner.
Janet, actually my housecoat is chenille, but I think it is bout the same as terrycloth in looks and it is so warm and rugged. I do not think I have ever heard of a courduroy robe, but love flannel is more ways than one.
I am so glad you and your mom got Spot. You are right too, you take so much time with them, that we ain't thinking about ourselves too much.
Sorry I am slow in getting back with you all, but slow is becoming a way of life for me. I do hope they can do something to give me some strength and I am sure they will help me.
Oh Grammie, I think I could like Gizmo like I do Pookie PC of Ingrids. :) thanks friend.

God Bless you all!