Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Jeff...

Today is a special day for me and Jerrell. Our youngest son, Jeff has his 35th birthday today and he will be home tomorrow for lunch and as always we look forward to his bi- weekly visits.

Jeff is usually always smiling so I found this picture to be a bit different. As babies, Kevin was the one that crinkled up like a frog laying on his tummy, screaming to the top of his lungs and Jeff would always be cooing and gooing, entertaining himself til we got there and always just a smiling. Even when he stood in his crib, he would rock it back and forth and when he would hear you coming, he would peek around the corner with the biggest ole smile. They were both good younguns, alike in many ways, but yet different.

I am having payback for the hectic pace that I had this week so I have avoided the kitchen since Thursday. Jerrell fixed our lunch today. Jerrell and I along with his mom are going out to eat tonight. Tomorrow Jerrell will be the chief chef of the day and he does know how to grill a steak and I will master the salad making and the taters and we shall call it a meal. I even bought ready to bake garlic toast. We will have Mrs. Bunting up for lunch since Jeff will be here and being fresh off a birthday.

Jerrell took me to pick up our prescriptions that we had called in and for some reason they always seem to wanna mess mine up. Last time was ok cause I got it free, but no freebie today, just a pure out aggravation. I end up having to go in and on my best behavior since I am one big noodle walking on two little noodles today. Welp I dunno why come I get 100 pills for a one a day prescription. It has been that way for the two years I been taking it and it still has refills til 12-26. Finally the little lady gets it figured out and assures me that it might not be this cheap next time. Welp when I get home, I keep all my little papers by the years and I conclude that all is well, so I call her and tell her that just FYI it will be the same price next month!

Duh, Mrs. Bunting has come up and I have been talking with her, so I will cut this one short. And I do have a blip for Janet. Hon, tis the 20th. Thanks so much.

I hope you all have a great evening. I am enjoying this cool weather. Until...

God Bless!

2 comments: TN said...

Happy belated birthday to Jeff. Those youngins' keep us happy, don't they? Glad you got the prescriptions straightened out. I dread going after ours any more. Since we are in the "doughnut hole" we are having to pay 100%. The last time I went I got three of Bill's filled and it was 389.00. OUCH!!!! That's hard on po folks!!!! LOL

Ordinary Janet said...

Can I come over for supper? I'm tired of cooking and I don't have a Jerrell! ;-)

I've marked the date on my calendar, thanks!

Belated Happy Birthday to Jeff! Did he get a cake? and was it chocolate?